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Author Topic: 5$/1 Portspace (SAME DAY!)  (Read 842 times)

Offline Cub

5$/1 Portspace (SAME DAY!)
«: July 05, 2015, 09:58:11 AM»
Check out digital portrait examples here! (NON-remap only)
[email protected] and below!

Yes, you will receive your portrait within a 24 hour or less time-frame!
5$ Paypal/1 Portspace

Information to note me with!
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Species/Breed:
Character Personality:
Character References:
Desired Background:
Other: ( Anything that you want added to the portrait that wasn't listed above. Or you can just leave blank. )

In order to not overwhelm myself, I will only open 3 slots each day so that I can complete each of them on time! If I feel that I am cranking them out quickly, I will open up more slots!
See my dA JOURNAL for current available slots!

*I can also do pixel portraits, but that will most likely take longer and cost double! (10$ Paypal/2 Spaces)
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