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Author Topic: Farren Ports, Now Open  (Read 701 times)

Offline Farren

Farren Ports, Now Open
«: July 31, 2015, 09:41:33 AM»
It's been a while since I've done commissions, but I find myself in need of a little extra money, because reasons.

For the most part, I need real life USD, but I may take dragonscales depending on the current digomarket sales and/or if I've decided I need more portspaces. I will not, however, take digos as payment.

For the USD, I will only take paypal payments. No checks in the mail or etc (unless I happen to know you irl, then maybe we can work something out.)

Now on to the ports!

Digital Ports:
Remap and nonremap will be the same price. Remap ports will be done only in the patch editor at this point in time. I do not have a current example of a remap port, however the quality will be the same as my nonremap ports.

Price: $15 USD (There will be an additional charge of .50 cents USD per frame for animation.)
-Dream set Ports: $40 USD/GD per species set. (Additional charge of .50 cents USD/GD for animation.) Note: Dream sets will all be done in the patch editor.

Traditional Ports:
These will only be done nonremap, as I'm pretty sure that remap is not a thing that can be easily done with the traditional style. These will be drawn by hand, scanned in, and shrunk down from a larger image to fit the port sizing specifications. Minor alterations may be made in photoshop if issues pop up in scanning. Animation is not offered for these ports.
Note: Major alterations after the port is done will not be possible with traditional style ports. Once colouring has started NO alterations will be made, other than to fix scanner-caused issues.

Price: $25 USD*
*Only USD is accepted for this style of port. Price is greater than for digital due to the materials used.

Contact Info:
Furcadia: Farren Dustfur
Email: [email protected]
deviantArt: http://Mercyful-Fate.deviantart.com
Or just PM me here on FAZ.

Other Commission Options:
Patches: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=20062.0
Character Art: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=20063.0

Note: Please do not go by the work currently in my gallery here on FAZ. It is quite old. My dA has more recent work.

Legal Stuff:
All of my artwork copyrights will belong to me. However, since character designs will belong to the customer, I will ask before I use them anywhere other than to post on my art pages (deviantArt, FAZ, etc.)
No alterations may be made to any of my artwork by anyone other than me. Alterations after the port is done and approved by the customer may incur an additional fee to be agreed upon at the time of alteration.
Commissioned artwork is only to be used for the intents that the customer specifies. Customers may not claim or infer that the artwork was made by them, or resell it. However, if a character wearing a port by me is sold to a new owner, as long as I am notified and the new owner agrees to these terms, all should be fine.
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