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Author Topic: "Design my tattoo's" Contest  (Read 615 times)

Offline Rave

"Design my tattoo's" Contest
«: August 11, 2015, 09:45:10 PM»
So. The artist I go to is cool with getting designs already made brought to him. He says he likes tracing and it makes his job easier not having to draw the stuff. Hence, why I'm gonna hold this contest to get my next two tattoo's ready for when I got the money / time to get 'em done.


  • Art must be your own creation! If you did not draw the art, do not submit it.
  • If your piece doesn't win, you may resell it as a premade or scrap it. I don't care. It's not a character I've created so you can make edits if you want but that's up to you.
  • You can enter one or both contests and you can enter as many pieces as you want. Only one piece will be chosen for each "category".
  • Do not whisper me your submission in game! If you have a question about something, then yes, feel free, but don't whisper me asking "does this look okay?" I'm not going to approve or disapprove it. This isn't a set guideline contest with a specific character design. Whisper me on Fluffie if you need something ASAP
  • Pieces should be flat coloured if they require colour(you can shade if you want, not required though). If it's a black/white design, please say so if it isn't obvious.
  • Send submissions to my EMAIL xstarshinex @ live.com. If you send it to me through whisper/post it here/PM me or anything BUT email me, I will ignore it. Make sure you title it for this contest. Then, please let me know who is submitting it, how to contact you/preferred way to contact you, and which category it is for.
  • If you wish to remain an anonymous entry, please tell me so either in the email or through whisper
  • If you want, you can post here to say you are entering! Or whisper me to let me know so that way if I do change the deadline I can notify you.
  • More may come as time goes on


Category 1: Zodiac's

This one is a design I have had floating around my mind for a while. The places I am debating getting this tattoo done are either my upper right arm(shoulder to about 3 inches above elbow) or one of my calf's. Roughly same size either place it goes, no more than say 6x4 maybe 6x5 inches. I may resize if that turns out to be too big.
Anyways, onto the description. I wish to combine my zodiacs with a bit of Egyptian lore. I'm a Dragon and Libra. I'm wanting an eastern style dragon holding/curled around/somewhere interacting with the dragon, a set of golden scales(cause, Libra's a scale, yea.). On the scale I'd like a heart on one side and a feather on the other with the heart weighing more than the feather(in Egyptian lore when you died your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth and if your heart weighed more, you went to their version of hell).
The dragon's colour / design is fully up to you! If you would like to know, my favorite colours are in the darker spectrum of reds, blues, greens, and purples. I also like blacks/silvers/whites but I don't think those fit an eastern dragon really well, their colours were usually more actual colours.
How you place the dragon and scales is up to you. If you cannot work the feather / heart in well then don't worry about it, submit the piece anyways! Worse case scenario, your design doesn't win. Who knows, I may like a design without the heart and feather in it!


Category 2: Life's a Grave, Dig it

This category has no actual design thought to it right now. But, my "life motto" I guess you could call it is "Life's a grave, dig it." and I want to get it tattooed, but not just the words. I want something, even simple, to go with it!
This is basically open design! I have no ideas whatsoever as to how I'd want this to look. I've tossed a few around in my head but none have really stuck, though I did think of one on the way home from work tonight that had a scythe and shovel in an X shape and the words incorporated somehow, but yea.
Figure out a picture and put the words in somehow. This one, depending on the design I choose, has no place I've designated to have it done on. But I generally do not like large tattoo's. Medium - small is fine for me. A peek into some things I like to maybe give you an idea: Cheshire cat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland or from American McGee's Alice, Scythes, horseman of the apocalypse, dragons, cats in general, zombie animals, carrousels.
I'm not a fan of just skulls or your classic grim reaper dudes. So, any like that I may just skim over. You can still enter them though and who knows, they may win!



This is going to be a long-ish contest. Right now, the date is set at Dec. 31st as the deadline date. I may choose to end one or both earlier than that! I'll notify all who are entering / who plan to enter if I change the deadline to sooner. It will NOT be later than Dec. 31st though.



Stryder - Waiting on submission


And finally... the PRIZE!

Each contest will have a winner, and the prize is $50. This can be in their form of choice. Paypal, snailmail, Goldendragon scales, other game currency(depends on game / policy of course!), lifer digos/something off the digo market, portspaces, ect. Just lemme know and we'll work it out. Paypal is of course the default choice.
If you win both contests, you get $100! You are not limited to just one or the other contest!

So, get to drawing and have fun! Look forward to seeing those designs!
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