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Author Topic: Anthro portrait  (Read 451 times)

Offline Nixie

Anthro portrait
«: August 12, 2015, 02:30:48 PM»
Looking for port art for my alt Arelie.

She is a snow leopard anthro.

Here is a brief description of what she looks like: A small delicate creature of pale fur was decorated with a variety of black spots on her body. Innocent and modest features exhibited on her face, with large blue eyes only accumulating the appearance. Silver long disheveled hair fell down to her waist, which was the only obstacle in noticing her mutilation of her ears. A marginally tattered light blue dress was worn, accompanied by only a pair of ivory bows on either side of where the dress hugged her waist line. Carried in her arms was a ragged bear stuff animal, the only comfort item she appears to possess.

I would like someone that can do chibi art if possible. Of what I have imagined in my head is her hugging her bear. More information will be given when I find the right artist to commission.

A side note: I am also looking for someone to commission for a reference for this character.