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Author Topic: Looking for Portrait art!  (Read 473 times)

Offline Frightful

Looking for Portrait art!
«: August 31, 2015, 09:39:56 PM»
So most will stop reading this so Ill say this right off the bat. I do not have anything to offer, at least right now, I maybe can arrange to make you some characters. but otherwise I've got nothing.

I figured what the hell, Ill ask.Frightful doesnt have a port :( if this gets no comments I wouldnt be suprised, but Im still hopeful ^.^.

Characters name is Frightful, it really has no gender, and its a little (quite a bit) twisted.
has a for the night, and all things dark actually. Also has a bit of a temperment issue.

If youd be kind enough to make me a port for my character Id greatly appreciate it. and beforehand Ill say thankyou.