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Author Topic: Okay new contest for my chars kuggle and cuzzie!  (Read 552 times)

Offline RozilaKuggz

Okay new contest for my chars kuggle and cuzzie!
«: October 01, 2015, 01:31:08 PM»
Well decided to make a new contest with my chars kuggle and cuzzie i prefer to keep all art
1 port with 1 art of witch ever character you prefer
1 jointed port with the both of them they are supose to be sisters <3

Winner gets $20 sorry cant offer more atm bout to have baby yikes haaa
There will be 1st 2nd and 3rd place just not sure what 2nd and 3rd place gets yet contest will last through january so people have plenty of timeee thank youu soo much
 entrys can be sent to [email protected]  as well as the link you wish me to show others with thanks

Kuggles infermation

she can be either like this http://rozila.deviantart.com/art/Kuggle-by-Mirg-Marie-564702017


white with blue ears ,blue paws,blue hair, and golden eyes

cuzzie ,always has purple hair,sky blue eyes,black patch over right eye


Entrys so far?

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Offline Zim

Re: Art contest!!!! Comee lookkk
«Reply #1: October 01, 2015, 02:58:52 PM»
A few tips:

You should probably mention a closing date. It helps artists to know just how much time they have before they need to finish up the work.

You should be mentioning if the characters are anthro or feral. You might get the wrong kind of art if you don't specify!

How do artists submit their entry? Are they to PM you? Email? Something else? Tell us how!

A couple of the characters don't really have any descriptions at all, which is really difficult to work with. "Unicorn" ... Male? Female? Anthro? Any specific hairsyles in mind? If you don't care much, say so!

Having only 10 slots to enter is going to limit you and the artists severely. Obviously this is a personal choice, but something to think about!

A bit of thread organization will REALLY help! For example, a good way to do it would be something like:

Centina - (Male/Female) Anthro Tiger - Red fur with white stripes, black belly, and gold eyes. Hairsyle is <hairstyle description including color>. Clothing style is <pick a clothing style you'd like>. He/she is mysterious, adventurous, and loves to get into trouble.

Obviously it doesn't have to be EXACTLY like that, but the more detail you give in a clear and concise manner, the easier it will be for artists to make you stuff!

(: Best of luck with your contest.
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Offline RozilaKuggz

Re: Art contest!!!! Comee lookkk
«Reply #2: October 01, 2015, 04:58:24 PM»
Thank youu sooo much for the help will get it fixed !! Really apriciate help my first time doin this