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Author Topic: Character References! (PP/GD, PRICES LOWERED)  (Read 511 times)

Offline Bananasaurus

Character References! (PP/GD, PRICES LOWERED)
«: November 18, 2015, 08:40:00 AM»
Hello there! I'm Bananasaurus!

Now that my scanner is finally working, I'm opening up traditional commissions! Click the links at the bottom for examples!

In-Game Contact: Bananasaurus
Deviantart: http://bananasaurusy.deviantart.com/ (far more examples than linked here)
Average Commission Wait-Time: 5 days - 2 weeks (depending on complexity/type)
What I CAN Do: Humans, anthros (flat face/animal face), ferals, monsters, mild gore/blood, nudity, simple backgrounds
What I CAN'T Do: Complex armor, machines, complex backgrounds, excessive gore, sexual situations

Paypal is preferred!
Also accepts GD
Many lifers accepted, feel free to ask!

FLAT SKETCH (Simple/No Background): 5$ PP/ 10 GD (Example)

INKED AND COLORED (No Background): 12$ PP / 15 GD (Example)

INKED AND COLORED (Bare-Bones Background): 15$ PP / 20 GD (Example)

INKED AND COLORED (Simple Background): 18$ PP / 25 GD (Old Example; Have a Better Scanner Now)
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