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Author Topic: (Offering: Spaces or On-Sale Items)  (Read 406 times)

Offline Keeva

(Offering: Spaces or On-Sale Items)
«: December 14, 2015, 02:13:35 AM»
As the topic suggests, I am seeking portraits (ideally two, but we can discuss terms)

I'm looking for a feral port, and one portrait I can use for either of my character's forms (so something from the shoulders up possibly). Depending on your pricing, I may choose one option or the other.

Bonus points if you're willing to throw sunflowers in there, or do some kind of pin-up.

All initial information about my character can be found here, including references: http://www.rprepository.com/c/keevathegargoyle

I will be checking this, but if you wish to reach me more reliably, then contact me as Keeva on furcadia. Please note that I am highly tentative about paying before I see a sketch.

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Offline Keeva

Re: (Offering: Spaces or On-Sale Items)
«Reply #1: December 29, 2015, 05:29:14 AM»
Deciding to offer Furcadia items for art, let's talk!