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Author Topic: Commissions & Adopts  (Read 468 times)

Offline kenzy

Commissions & Adopts
«: January 14, 2016, 02:46:22 AM»
COMMISSION WEBSITE all the information below may also be found on my site.


Payment, Pricing, and Refunds
-  I currently only accept payment through Paypal and sent via payment for services.
Upon Clients approval of the initial sketch, Client shall pay the Artist. Afterward, updates will be sent to the commissioner throughout the process to ensure the desired outcome of the piece.  If the Client is unhappy with the final product, a refund of half the original price will be given.  As the Artist I retain the right of the piece to edit and reuse as I wish

Reselling and Alterations
-  You may not resell, redistribute, or make a profit off my work.
-  Certain revisions and alterations may incur an additional fee.
Edits will not be made based on style.  Please be sure what you're looking for can be completed within my style before commissioning.

Throughout the process, the Artist will maintain communication with the Client, and expect the same from the Client, to ensure the piece commissioned comes out as desired.  After sending an update, I will not continue the piece until I've received confirmation that no edits need to be made.
-  Client agrees that, in order for the Artist to fully perform the Services, Client must cooperate with the Artist and provide information deemed necessary by the Artist.
-  The failure of Client to cooperate and provide information could have a direct result in the success of the Artist's efforts and timeliness in completing the Services. 
-  The Artist can terminate at any time.  If payment has already been made, a full refund will be given to the Client.


Full size versions of the examples may be found on the Gallery page of my website.

Bust ~ $10.00 USD
Waist Up ~ $15.00 USD
Full Body ~ $20.00 USD
Flat Colour ~ $5.00 USD

Bust ~ $20.00 USD
Waist Up ~ $25.00 USD
Full Body ~ $30.00 USD
Flat Colour ~ $5.00 USD
Colour with Simple Shading ~ $10.00 USD
Additional Character ~ $5.00 USD

Bust ~ $40.00 USD
Waist Up ~ $50.00 USD
Full Body ~ $60.00 USD
Additional Character ~ $5.00 USD
Complex Background ~ $20.00 to $40.00 USD



$20 USD

If interested, send me a PM!


Thank you for looking!  Please send a PM if interested in commissioning me. 

Other places to find me:
Tumblr (NSFW)