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Author Topic: Dead Thread Revival  (Read 772 times)

Offline Zim

Dead Thread Revival
«: April 01, 2016, 01:12:53 PM»
As of late, there has been an uptick in users reviving threads that are considered 'dead' by the site. Please note that this is against the rules, and repeated infractions will result in suspension from the website.

If the thread is YOUR OWN, you may revive it, however.

Why can't I post in a dead thread?

Because it makes it more difficult for users to sort through and find posts by active members. It adds clutter to parts of the site that users need to sell their wares or buy up new art.

How do I know if a thread is dead?

Find when the last time the OP posted in the thread. If it was over a month ago, do NOT post in it. You can also check when the OP was last on the site. If, for example, they haven't been on since 2014, you can sure as  hell believe that they haven't been able to keep their thread active.

But I want x from this artist!

Then PM them, email them, check their profile for alternate contact info, or if all that fails you can make a post in the searching for artist section. Reviving a dead thread that the artist no longer checks isn't going to help any, since they likely won't see it anyway (especially if they haven't logged on).

Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to post them here and I (or another staff member) will be happy to answer.

We know the site has been slow traffic-wise as of late, so helping keep down on the dead threads and clutter will help everyone out a LOT, mods and users alike!