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Author Topic: Do you wanna draw a Gargoyle? (Seeking character art)  (Read 292 times)

Offline Keeva

Do you wanna draw a Gargoyle? (Seeking character art)
«: April 25, 2016, 06:18:51 PM»
Things I am looking for:
- Fifties Pin-up style
- Something including mammoth sunflowers as well as the character
- Chibis
- Tasteful nudity
- A braided hairstyle

All initial information about my character can be found here, including references: http://www.rprepository.com/c/keevathegargoyle

I will be checking this, but if you wish to reach me more reliably, then contact me as Keeva on furcadia. Please note that I am highly tentative about paying before I see a decent WiP. I'm not interested in hounding people for art. :c

I can pay with:
Furcadia Digos (I have a tygard, jerbokin, and a freebee handy but I can buy others), on-sale items
WoW Gold (WRA Horde Side), WoW Items (Pets/mounts)
PP (Maybe. I think I have set up properly just haven't had the chance to use it.)