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Author Topic: Summer Art Sale!~ Quality Sketch Pages and $5 Ports!  (Read 385 times)

Offline inkedsea

Summer Art Sale!~ Quality Sketch Pages and $5 Ports!
«: June 05, 2016, 11:36:35 AM»
Hey all!~ InkedArt is coming to FAZ!


I am very excited to announce here that my Summer Art Sale is underway! I'm not often on this website, but I figured it might be good to reach out to those who don't follow me on dA or don't rp in TGT.

Here is the journal on dA: http://fav.me/da4qc6v

If you do read the journal, I am doing this sketch page for a good cause. Thank you to everyone for the support. <3


Busts w/ Port Crop - $5
Painted or Pixel


Sketch Pages
$5 for 2 faces
+$3 for 1 bust-up
+$4 for 1 full body

Colored (whether it be headshot, bust or fullbody) will be a charge of +$2.

If you are interested:

1.) Please shoot me a whisper on Gwenllian, Inkjet or Ariese so I know to look for your info!

2.) Please whisper or note me on dA this information!:
(I do not often check this website, although I will try to be better about it!~)

Your character name:
Your character's ref(s): (I do accept rprs!)
Character's gender:
Sketch Page or Bust?:
If SP, how many headshots/busts/fullbodies?:
If SP, any color? (+2 extra!):
Special requests:
Contact info:
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