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Author Topic: Seeking an avatar artist. [Paypal]  (Read 303 times)

Offline Motoko

Seeking an avatar artist. [Paypal]
«: August 08, 2016, 04:40:10 AM»
I currently have a species i'd like to commission an avatar for. They really only require two remaps, hair and eyes.

It should stand as tall as the Blackblood Dire or any of the popular Horse avatars/be a fairly large avatar, I can recycle the below artwork for ports without a problem.

I don't advise PMing me since it takes me way too long to chack my PMs, you can easily whisper me though, i'm always idle on Kusanagi.
I do work from 4 PM EST to 12 AM EST, so i'll probably reply to you late, please include samples of previous avatars and a price.

I'll be bookmarking this thread so I do not lose it this time.
Whisper me in-game on Kusanagi.
If you use any of my patches in your dream, I'd love to see!