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Author Topic: (b) inhuman monster designs for naked alts  (Read 293 times)

Offline Sollux

(b) inhuman monster designs for naked alts
«: August 13, 2016, 12:46:34 PM»
Ay yo, I've got three naked alts I was planning on designing myself, but first I want to see what others could offer me! They must be monstrous and in no way human. Please, no 'mainstream' monsters, such as werewolves, and no adopts made using a recycled base. I want 100% original.
Body horror is 100% fine by me.

the alts are:

BPD - the one I'll most likely end up designing myself, as it is extremely personal, I want this to be a monster that represents what it's like to be borderline, from the good to the ugly. A chaotic mess of a creature, perhapse.

Menstruation - really have no specific idea on this, maybe something gooey?

Uterus - again, no solid idea, i just love the word lmao

For reference, here are a few monster designs I enjoy:

from the game Keep In Mind

from Yume Nikki

from Undertale

The weirder the better, tbh.

Paying only with paypal.
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