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Author Topic: Potiential free work - looking primarly for heavily anthromorphic characters  (Read 309 times)

Offline Lamento

is where you will see most of my example work
please post here, but you are more than welcome to note me on FA, as that is where im very responsive.

the freebies are not guaranteed as i am in a pretty extensive program, but I am looking to buff up some portfolio work for the late-2016-2017 period of my art career.

Cats, dogs, dragons, snouted furries please, ferals are welcome but please nothing too deviated! No bugge furries pls

I am NOT currently active on furcadia itself, but I can contact you there if I need to get any additional information.

Please do NOT note me here, I do not check this often, but like I said before, youre MORE than welcome to note me on my fur affinity!

I am unsure if I will be even able to freebie work, at all, this is very much me testing the waters so please do not hold me accountable for not giving you requested, free work.


Offline Marve

You art is absolutely incredible, thank you very much for this opportunity even if you don't get around to it :)

I have Forest if you'd like to give her a try http://www.rprepository.com/c/forest/88739

If you need to get in touch you can PM me here or whisper me on Marve in game :)
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