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Author Topic: disgustingly cute  (Read 323 times)

Offline Mayim

disgustingly cute
«: November 07, 2016, 03:11:43 PM»
Howderoo neighbors. I find myself in a pickle. I'd really like to get someone some art as a thank-you but I'm all out as far as offering cold hard cash, so PayPal is a hard pass. However, if you're looking for lifer dingos, designs, or alt names this could do.

The characters in question are, as title hints, one of those disgustingly mushy pairs that are the things OTPs are made of. A fox chick and huge tiger dude. I can always PM better details one on one, if you're seriously interested. So let's get on to what I have to offer to see if you care:

Designs here - Alt names here and dingos:
Gargoyle x MF Dragon x FreeBee x Butterfly Wing x Flooki