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Author Topic: A Family of Wolves  (Read 384 times)

Offline Akuro

A Family of Wolves
«: December 16, 2016, 12:48:15 AM»
Please give me links to your examples and what price you might charge for something like this. I can pay via PP but depending on cost we'll see if I can afford it or not... I also have Alts if its possible to do a combination of PP and Alt.

Looking For Feral Wolf Artist.
Type of Art Manipulation or CG. Minimal shading if CG.
Background It should be night due to Eridanus.
Where they Live They live on and inside of a Karst.

Tarantella and Kam snuggled up together.
Minuet and Arrkan playing.
Sirius staring up at the stars, gazing at the constellation Eridanus... where a small ghostly puppy can be seen gazing down at his family.
Ska laying down while a feisty and ferocious Kamella is after his tail...

[Not sure if I want this included or not: Kiva keeping an eye on all of them... she acts as their bodyguard.]
[Not sure if I want this included or not either: Polaris peeking at them from behind a rock... just her head would be visible.]

Number of Wolves in Image 8 or 9 or 10

Tarantella Argentina Tchaikovsky Horvath Kaiden WindFlare - Mother and Leader. Spiritual. Stubborn. Determined. Never gives up. Loves to dance and sing.
[Color: Black and Cream. Right eye dark orchid. Left eye aquamarine][Age: 7 Years][Medium Height]

Kam WindFlare - Father and Leader. Quiet. Supportive of his mate whose surname he took.
[Colors: Gray, Brown, White with Yellow Eyes][Age: 5 Years][Medium Height]

Eridanus WindFlare - Stillborn firstborn. Male. He'd be a ghostly figure in the night sky with the constellation for which he'd been named.
[Colors: Cream and White with light blue eyes][Age: Puppy Forever][Small]

Minuet WindFlare - Littermate of Eridanus. Female. Gentle soul.
[Colors: Cream and Light Cream with green eyes][Age: 2 Years][Small Height]

Arrkan Zaurak WindFlare - First born of the second litter. Male. Full of Energy. Mommy's boy.
[Color: Black, Cream, White with light blue eyes][Age: 1 Year][Medium Height]

Ska Keid WindFlare - Littermate of Arrkan. Doesn't seem to believe in his families belief in spirits or spirituality. Somewhat stoic though does care for his family. Daddy's boy. Male.
[Colors: Black, Cream and White. His eyes are gray around the pupil and then purple for the rest of the iris.][Age: 1 Year][Extra Large Height]

Sirius Azha WindFlare - First born of the third litter. Male. Quiet, focused, spiritual. Possibly Mommy's boy.
[Colors: Black and Gray with one light blue eye and one yellow eye][Age: 6-9 month old puppy][Small Height]

Kamella Rana WindFlare - Littermate of Sirius. Doesn't like responsibility. Arrogant. Has leanings toward the dark side.
[Colors: Cream, Gray, White with right eye blue and left eye green][Age: 6-9 month old puppy][Large Height]

Extra Characters
Kiva B. Redemptus - Warrior and Protector. Unrelated to the WindFlare family.
[Colors: Chocolate Brown and White. Eyes are Mint Green]
Polaris Mae Amaterasu
[Colors - Gray, White and Tan. Has Light Blue Eyes][Age: 1 Year][Large Height]