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Author Topic: Selling Designs + Premades  (Read 603 times)

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Selling Designs + Premades
«: February 27, 2017, 05:03:09 PM»
Here are the designs I've had on the shelf for a long time and could really use a good home: (You'll get the non-watermarked version upon purchase. Paypal USD please. Can send to [email protected] Wait for approval first though please.)

Contact Info

You can reply to this forum if you are interested in any design. Or whisper me IC as Gadadhara. And don't be shy to ask me any questions.

gladiatrix (NSFW) + harem outfit artist: fydbac Value: 110 (Looking to trade for art of equal value. Inquire!)

Mollisol (Earth Golem) ported alt x9 pieces of art. Value: 160 (not including gift art) Artists names are tagged in each piece. Piece by me, animated by FinalGenesiss on FAZ.

Sir Orrick (Centaur) ported alt x2 art (port, shaded version and flat color version of fullbody) Port was a gift done by: Okapi and not included in price.  Value: 40

Moose viking  (comes with x1 95x95 ported alt Tetonu) artist: Spellplague Value: 20

Cherubim artists collab: oukamiyoukai45/Tricksters-Adopts x1 headshot by Sylvirr Value: 35

Oarfish Femboy artist: TartThief DA/Meem Faz  Value: 13

Anthro Bobcat Refsheet artist: Sam Value: 10


A design created by myself and arted by yuujiinart for a design contest. They placed 4th yay! They are a tribal flower based people who live in Guilderium's jungle. They started as a parasitic plant and evolved quickly into a guardian type beast after absorbing magic over the years. They worship the fairies who migrate to the island every year as their sperm donors. They also trade heavily with the caprids. All info can be found here.

They are now a closed species. Meaning in order to get one you will need to buy a premade or get a custom. Not allowed to make your own. Thanks.

Selling these premade Triffidians for $40 (half proceeds to artist. Half to designer: me)

Male Moon Flower Triffidian I. alba

Female Sacred Lotus Triffidian N. nucifera

Female    Dahlia Triffidian D. pinnata

Female (Transformed) Engelmann Oak Triffidian Q. engelmannii

Ask me about Customs. Starting @ $55 (each rare trait +5)

Normal Traits are:
*Felidae Anthro - Pantherinae features: Face, body, ears, claws, and teeth.
*Armor like "petals" along spine and tail. Sometimes along arms, legs or torso.
*Vines (male) or Bark (female) legs. Bipedal or Polypedal.
*Tail is prehensile, armored and has a mini club at the end.
*Dominant hand has claws larger than the other. For use in digging or slashing.
*Flowers (male) or tree/moss (female) features displayed throughout body: hair, tufts, coloration, legs.
*Petal armor mane - males only

Rare Traits are:
!Poisonous plant types
!Fruit bearing
!Full back flowers
!Insect features like antenna or wings

Custom Form

Female or Male: 
Plant Type or Flower Type:
What Kind of Tree if for a Transformed female:
Biped or Polypedal:
Armor petal colors: (will reflect flower type. But you can decide if you want the base of the flower or the accents of the flower)
Any rare traits: (+5 for each)
If so where do you want them:
Premade Base or Custom Base:
Customs will have their own pose and not be done from the pre-made bases.
If you'd like a custom done using the pre-made base: -5 dollars off your order.

TOS for Triffidian Designs.

*They can be resold for no more than what you paid for them.
*You may not add rare features to a design that does not come with rare traits.
*They are a closed species.
*Payment must be sent after the sketch process has been shown to you.
*If no payment is received in a week of showing preview it will be turned into a premade.
*2 edits allowed in the sketch process or 1 re-do (only in sketch process) 2 edits allowed in color process (not changing the lines at this point) If more edits are needed a small fee of $5 will be asked.
*Please credit Say for Triffidian concept and yuujiinart for the artwork.
*If you sell the art please notify me so I can update the members area of who is all playing them. Thanks.
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Re: Selling Designs + Premades
«Reply #1: March 01, 2017, 02:04:17 PM»

GiraffeTaur Artist: Deadlyhabitual Value: 10

Skull Dragon-ish Monster Agwo Artist: quacknear Value: 80 (comes with the fullbody with/without background/transparent and x1 sketchy head concept)

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Re: Selling Designs + Premades
«Reply #2: March 16, 2017, 11:34:53 PM»
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