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Author Topic: Paying Vet Bills; Need Designs Gone!  (Read 204 times)

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Paying Vet Bills; Need Designs Gone!
«: May 31, 2017, 12:36:57 PM»
These are all suggested prices. I'm willing to haggle with the more expensive ones.
Slide into the PMs if you're interested, or catch me over on RPR under Vinters.

My parakeet Mango is not doing so well. He needs an expensive pet visit + medical fees because he does not qualify for any coverage here. Anything helps!

Chinese Water Deer ($2): http://imgur.com/RwiSySC
Sumo Shiba: ($2) imgur.com/UoP39O9.png
Thresher Shark Girl ($2): imgur.com/71pm2al.png
Bara Camel Guy ($5): imgur.com/bZLoDPI.jpg
Dino Dude ($5): imgur.com/dX91ULP.png
Water Buffalo ($5): imgur.com/aaMmCuu.png
Doberman Butler ($5) imgur.com/t3yYGat.png
Voodoo Croc ($5): imgur.com/nChU2bA.png
Hipster Rhino ($5): imgur.com/9wGm52Z.png
Cardianal Tribal ($5) imgur.com/WcbRxNF.png
Skull Dog ($10): imgur.com/Pmmr81e.jpg
Mischievous Imp ($10): imgur.com/Jkvsosq.png
Demon Dog ($10): imgur.com/6JfMADh.jpg
Boarish Judge ($15): imgur.com/eVsBgUS.jpg
Hypno Deer: ($15) imgur.com/kmDngrv.png
Cocky Hyena ($15): imgur.com/Uq1dtyy.png + 1 art
Halloween Demon ($20): imgur.com/Po68959.png
Reptilian Djinn ($25): imgur.com/nSwjE5t.jpg
Scorpion Humanoid ($25): imgur.com/KKNh3RA.jpg
Princely Stallion ($25): imgur.com/AtggRfT.png + 1 art
Demon Baboon: ($30): imgur.com/TILbh3q.jpg + 2 art
Alchemist Okapi: ($35) imgur.com/br4boTd.jpg
Leucistic Jackal ($50): imgur.com/HtKpQmE.jpg + 5 art
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Re: Paying Vet Bills; Need Designs Gone!
«Reply #1: June 11, 2017, 11:38:51 PM»

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Re: Paying Vet Bills; Need Designs Gone!
«Reply #2: June 12, 2017, 11:04:37 AM»
Locking this because it's in the incorrect section (designs only belong in Premade -> Designs), and you already have this exact same thread there.