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Author Topic: Seeking Feral Port Artist  (Read 118 times)

Offline Marve

Seeking Feral Port Artist
«: June 12, 2017, 02:52:54 PM»
Hi there!

I'm looking for a Feral port artist who is comfortable drawing Lions and other big cats.

I have a budget of $15.

Please comment here with references/price sheets or whisper Marve. I will be very picky and I do apologise in advance.

Im looking for:
Realism/Semi-realism. I don't want overly cartoony or caricature art.
Expressions - I'm after a specific expression so I'm hoping for someone comfortable with making the art have a bit of life.
Both remap and non-remap, I don't mind which.

I am also happy to look at premades if you're willing to colour/recolour them for me!

I have references for the character(s)
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