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Author Topic: dovely's art for stuff  (Read 132 times)

Offline dovely

dovely's art for stuff
«: January 02, 2018, 12:04:39 AM»
hello! I'm an artist who loves to play with colors and paint animals and natural scenes! I also have a huge weakness for both dragons and birds.

young canine
canine design
unfinished painting
rough painting
flat colored
canine rough
canine rough 2

$15 - roughs (coloured)
$20 - flats
$30 - shaded
$40+ - painted (no background)
$35-$45 - rough full painting
$50+ - detailed full painting
$15+ - painted or pixel port

accepting payment in:
- lifers (ferian only, birds only)
- paypal
- alts (anything bird related)

if interested, please message me on dovely!

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