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Author Topic: Misc crits and prices, please?  (Read 735 times)

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Misc crits and prices, please?
«: June 28, 2008, 02:05:10 AM»
Hullo there! I'm pretty confident with what I charge, but it's always nice to have some second opinions. Have any tips or crits for what I should work on? =)

I recently raised my price to $15 for a full port. SOMETIMES I will do lineart for $10 but I dislike it since my lineart is crappy and is really just a background for my shading. Also I hate doing it.

Here are my 3 most recent ports:

(All not for anyone's use but who they belong to. Sedde for the first one and Northkeep for the second two.)

I'd also like someone to please redline the unshaded pic here. I want it to match the shaded one. I am trying to match it as much as possible to the default Furc avatars. When I finish it it will possibly be pay-for-use.

(Please don't steal. I figured I'd be safe since there are other unfinished shapes etc and the pixels are remapped and whatever. Just letting you know there's a 99% chance this won't be a free avatar so please don't use it. <3)
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Re: Misc crits and prices, please?
«Reply #1: June 29, 2008, 12:44:49 PM»
Thank you Youlanda! I was hoping for your input since you work on the official art. ;P I've done a few of your tweaks, but it's problematic. If I fix The Lean as it should be fixed (lining up the nose with the center line) it looks super-wonky. However, I did fix it a little and I think it's good. Thanks! I tweaked the feet and hands too. Is this any better? I've always used the isometric floor-X to line up my stuff, but I never even thought of using the vertical line. ;P I went over the avatar with the isometric lines, tweaked, then dumped the avatar on top again so you can see better.

I leave The Lean in on the last walking pose because I liked the movement it conveyed. Should I correct it or leave it leaning?

I know the light source is backwards, hehe! I just needed to draw the shapes for the NW-facing pose. I WILL have to reshade the mother if I'm serious 'bout it (then do all. the. pixeltweaking. AGAIN) but for now I was lazy. ;P

Edit: Here is a little animation of the avatar walking. Since saving this GIF, I have corrected the chest on the left-leg-forward pose and the chunk of hair in front of the ear.
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Re: Misc crits and prices, please?
«Reply #2: July 01, 2008, 12:49:39 AM»
I hadn't thought of making it a floortile! That's... so much easier. XD And yes, it does look rather.. uncomfortable..

I've tested it a little bit in-game. It looks pretty good to me, but my avatar-making isn't the best so I'm not sure what to expect of myself. :B