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Author Topic: golden tickets.  (Read 811 times)

Offline Tonks

golden tickets.
«: June 28, 2008, 05:17:24 PM»
For dreams only, since I don't want to remake my entire trading thread from FAM.

Kylie/Allie - Not recommended. Requested a dream, and when it was complete she ignored all the messages I sent her and never paid. The dream is being resold.

Magma/Ruya - Excellent commissioner. Very recommended, patient and trustworthy. Also my first big project.

Ciara - Also very patient, commissioned a house style dream from Katsuu and I. Trustworthy & recommended.

Katsuu - Awesome man. We did collaboration dreams up for commission back in the day, and we've made several dreams together. <3 Recommended for anything.
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