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Author Topic: Request a Premade (Open)  (Read 748 times)

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Request a Premade (Open)
«: June 28, 2008, 11:53:03 PM»
I don't know if this allowed or not, but lets see how it goes. Here's the scoop. Blind is way too busy irl to do port commissions, but I still need money very badly. Because premades are simple and easy to do I figure I'd do premades with a twist. You get to request what premades I do!


Please read carefully so there are no mixups or misunderstandings.

Want to make a request? Post in this thread what you'd like me to do. Your allowed to request species and breed if needed. You can also request wether it be feral or anthro. The premade will be a generic form of your request. Edits will come later after payment.

The catch: I choose pose, background, expression, ect. Though you can somewhat hint to me what you'd like, ultimatley its my decesion since these are requests and not commissions. I reserve the right to not do you premade you requested if: a) I don't feel like doing it, b) you haven't read the rules, and c) if I'm to busy so keep these in mind before requesting. Also because these are premades everyone has a right to them wether they requested the premade or not. Which is why I highly recomend you watch my thread and have payment ready when it's done, (though I can hold it for you upon your request).

Do not complain or harass people if you didn't get your requested port. Your more then welcome to request another.

The buyer will be more then welcome to ask for edits upon the port after payment, (within reason).


I accept portspaces and gd and both prices will be listed under the premade upon its completion. Nothing else! As for price range..nothing will be higher then 15gd or 2 portspaces. I'm more then willing to haggle if the requestor does not have enough, (again within reason).

Thats all. Request away.


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Re: Request a Premade (Open)
«Reply #1: June 30, 2008, 03:56:29 AM»
Okay okay, I'll post for my friend -- 'cause she's looking for a port here's her desc:
"(You see Roma.)
>>And hardened steel stares back. Polished to mirrored finish, the suit of armor was almost completely reflective. It burst with life at the seams, etched roses and thorned vines sprouting in a frosted splendor. When fully armored, a face was not seen, shadowed by Valkyrie's helm. Usually, however, the helm was removed. A single french braid held thick caramel hair back, however bangs that escaped framed a heart-shaped face. The face was a volatile mixture of pure, brutal savagery and unparalleled, angelic beauty. Icy blue eyes were very much like any glacier; beautiful, but cold. Distinct coloration labelled her as a cheetah: yellow base coat, black spots, white capped muzzle. There was an obvious allure to the woman, but the silver crossbow that seemed to be carried at all times would likely steady a wandering hand." She's an armored Cheetah-cat.

--Lol, I just told her I did this and she's all: OmgwtfwhyUdodat?
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Re: Request a Premade (Open)
«Reply #2: June 30, 2008, 07:33:30 AM»
I don't suppose you have any examples of your work?