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Author Topic: Prismaticator Portrait Preview Generator! A must use for all port artists!  (Read 5070 times)

Offline Zodiac

I have an incredibly awesome announcement for you all tonight! Lothus Marque of Furcadia has just released a very handy tool for the aspiring artist.

It is called Prismaticator, a Portrait Preview Generator~! Simply download the program, load your portrait into it, and input a series of color codes (or generate random ones!) and viola! You have yourself a nicely laid out preview of your for portrait art, ready to be saved and loaded into your gallery!

Here is a little preview of what it looks like..

*Currently, you must open your port in FSHEd and EXPORT IT as a BMP file before hand.*

First, you press "Load Port". Then, pressing all the "R" buttons will generate random color codes in the boxes to the left. Pressing "L" will give you the option to Load a character .ini file. Then you press ""Process" and the image appears above the data as seen in the sample picture here! You can also choose to remap the large preview, by going to Options > Remap Large Preview > And choosing which color code you would like the large one to load in. And! You can save time and generate random color codes in ALL of the boxes by going to Tools > Random Colors > All. When you are satisfied, simply click "Save Preview" and save your image in .JPG or .BMP format! Cool, huh? Be sure to check out the included ReadMe.txt for some extra tips!

This program is free to download and made by request specifically for the convenience of portrait artists everywhere! Download it, give it a try, and don't forget to leave a thank you donation to Lothus if you can, for making such a great tool for us all!

+-Basic JPG quality settings. (Low, medium, high)
+-Default is to Low Quality. (Previous versions' setting)
+-Option to DISABLE watermarking the main image just in case this is desired.
f-Stupid logic error with main remapping loop. (Thanks, Arilla!)

Feature List:
      Loads portraits in BMP, GIF, PNG, FOX, and FSH formats.
      Saves previews in JPG and BMP formats.
      Watermarks either the large preview only or all preview images.
      Use custom watermarks.
      Random colorcode generation.
      Load colorcodes from character INI files.
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Offline Glory

Wow thats pretty sleek looking.
I'll be downloading it and trying it out you can bet!
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Offline Lobsel Vith

No one will understand the happyness I feel seeing this program ;-; I weep with joy.
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Offline skill

oh wow this is awesome.
i'd just need to throw in a remap filter at the end.

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Offline Owl

Truely awesome

Offline Gloria

Absolutely one of the greatest programs, especially for port artists.

Great work to Lothus Marque! This will surely come in handy for a lot of people~

Offline Mala

UGH my laptop is so gay

"Windows found this file harmful."


Offline sarragh

It's being shit for me. I tried to upload .fsh - not available/not supported. I save as BMP like the read me says - it says it's the wrong colour depth. I load bmp lineart and it says the same thing. Everything else it says it's the wrong size. Wtf am I doing wrong?

Offline Hathor

Yeah I get the same problem as Cletus. ): So does a friend of mine.


Gettnig the same as the two above me. I had the thing downloaded weeks ago, but gave up trying to use the dang thing X.x

Offline Kratos

tried this a few days ago and couldn't use it due to above issue.

Offline MT

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same with cass. then I complained and gave up. but it looks like such an epic and helpful thing to use :<
maybe it accepts... png?? Idk ;-; halp plz

Offline Glory

I am also getting the same problem with color deph.
Tried all supported image types also...BMP, GIF, PNG, all don't work for me.

Offline Zodiac

Okay he is aware of the issues you guys are having, and is working to have it support 24bit and FOX/FSH files. For now, if you want to load a port into the program, open it in the FSHed and export the port as a BMP, and it will read the 8bit format the port is exported in.

I will update the announcement as soon as his fixes are added!

Offline Syrae Universe

It keeps saying wrong image size. It is supposed to be 95x95... right?
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Offline Lothus

I created this account to be able to respond directly, though I do have an email contact on my site to bug me that route. If the portrait file exported isn't EXACTLY 95x95, it will complain. Since FSHed isn't all that good at telling you (as in, at all) how large the image is in the editor, you may need to check the size of the exported image file.
In Windows XP, this information is usually available (for BMP, GIF, and PNG) in the right-click->Properties window, Summary tab. You may need to flip it to Advanced mode with the provided button.
It's a little cranky about what you feed it right now, I know, I'll try to make it a little more permissive about sizing in the next release. 24bit remapping (so the images don't HAVE to be indexed as long as the color values are correct) will come a bit later, as I have to rebuild the table used.

Offline Lothus

For the record, it's been updated again. The old download links should work.

Changelog from the readme:
+-INI Colorcode Loading
+-An actual OPTION to change to custom watermarks
+-Option to watermark smaller preview images
+-Usage Help option, which contains some basic information.
m-More permissive about small size deviations from standard 95x95.
m-Improved error messages with more details on what's needed.

I may or may not keep a close eye on this thread, if you want to make certain you reach me, please check contact info on the website!

Offline Sapphirus

This inspires me to do more ports now, just because of this time saver!
Thanks Lothus!!

Offline Syrae Universe

Got it. Thanks~
"Imaginations come and sweep the shores of my mind. Letting it be, visions pass, and emotions arise. Letting them go, and beyond are doors I've never seen, opening one by one."

Offline Wintery

this is extremely helpful. I always take ages to set up previews.

Offline Mousesong

This thing is a lifesaver.
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Offline Zodiac

Updated the bottom of the first post with the most recent changelog. :)

Offline Lothus

I hate to do this just as you'd updated the post. :P Still, I have JUST released another update.

+-FSH/FOX loading! Loads only the first image in the file right now, though.
+-Website menu item.
m-Minor internal modifications.

Download links are still valid, I've been making sure of that.

Offline Gallifreyan

I have no problems at the moment with it =3

Great work and props to you Lothus for giving us this wonderful tool!
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