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Author Topic: Fae's Reviews.  (Read 716 times)

Offline kenzy

Fae's Reviews.
«: July 10, 2008, 12:11:19 AM»
I usually dont do reviews.
but just to remember in case i wanna commish them again.
if i forgot you please tell me.

People I commissioned
La-La: omg. n_n I commissioned her for a picture of one of my characters that I just love to death and it didn't even take that long which surprised me. boom. The final product was really pretty and she did such a good job. ♥

Lockstep: I commissioned her for a portrait and it didn't take that long really then again it seemed like forever because i was uberly excited. anyway, the finaly product was beautiful. ♥

Tiny: I commissioned him for a website and even though I'm still waiting for it I now it will be great. n_n I will edit and add whatever I has to say when I recieve the website. I know it'll be pretty though~ ♥