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Author Topic: this doesn't sound serious  (Read 999 times)

Offline Azula

this doesn't sound serious
«: July 14, 2008, 05:49:28 AM»
because i am NEVER SERIOUS.

i'm bored and i probably missed everyone... i only do this for art because i've hardly done any digo/alt trades that should merit a thread.

in the order i remember them in LOL

jenni - amazing artist REGARDLESS OF WHAT SHE SAYS. i think she charges too low but whatever she wants!!

ale/stoner/craig/creepy/sometimes kenny - same with jenni. >:/

taikata - amazing artist, hard to get spots with because she's so in demand, but i'm lucky i found her before she got popular. fast, very accurate, lovely personality, and affordable.

jules/zach - i love jules' art so much. she is sincere and puts a shit load of time into her ports and her level of detail is astounding.

lockstep - amazing girl as well as artist, started on my shit immediately and i have many visual orgasms. she and i had interesting conversations... ;3

clint - YA SURE CLINT SAYS HIS ART SUX but i think the opposite. such a sweetheart ;) who i think charges too low.. but there are no more commissions and i am glad i got the little ports i got from him that i did.. klaus is v sexy.

alice - LOL i hate this girl because she is too good. go get her.

rhia - did 2 amazing pieces for me and makes me angry because i wish i was her. she might be a complete asshole to me but i deserve it.. that and she is actually really nice...

and i saved her for last but not least...

church/$$$kye/kiwi - my numbar 1 fave furc artist. style matches most of my characters perfectly and does a kick ass job. i go back to her and commission her all the time for myself and other people ISN'T THAT RIGHT #SI

i forgot a lot...
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