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Author Topic: Lock contest is over!  (Read 1789 times)


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Lock contest is over!
«: July 14, 2008, 04:41:23 PM»
Contest is officially over! Lock please

Okay folks, This is the first time I've posted something like this so bear with me.

STT (She Tian Tang) Is holding a raffle starting Friday, August First, through Sunday, August 3rd.

Current Entries: Tadaaa (This will be updated at least once a day!)

How To enter: Send [email protected] an email, saying you want to enter and, you will be given a number in return, make sure you remember it. Also make sure to give us the name of the character you will be on. You've got two weeks to enter, entries will not be taken on the days of the contests.

How It Works: Once you enter you will be given a number. During those three days at 4pm FST (Furcadia Standard Time, Say Time to check) one of the staff members will roll the dice and whose ever number pops up, wins. You MUST be in STT to win. If not, the staff member just re rolls. You may only enter once this means ONE ALT, if you enter more than once or with more than one alt, you will not be entered. SO even if you win on a previous day, you are still entered for the next day.
  Tell your friends!

She Tian Tang: STT is located in FurN so if you do not feel comfortable being in an 16+/R rated dream do not enter since you MUST be in She Tian Tang at the time of the raffle to win. It's also a chinese theme'd slave auction so again, if you don't like it, don't enter.

Prizes: Prizes consist of phoe lasting for eight(from August to March) months, a free port Won by Ooi, and a free picture <-- Won by Meeka? I think that's her name atleast!.

Prizes Info: Unlike most raffles there isn't a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. It all depends on what day. For example Friday is a Port, Saturday a drawing, and Sunday a Phoenix once the prize for the day is won, the raffle is over.  And no, this isn't the exact order. Prizes are going to be given out at random, so show up every day!. If someone wins a port/picture prize, they have the choice to choose which artist listed they want to take their request.

Volunteering artists (so far) are:  Shadows Monre, Qix, William Tavington, Sophy, Sorbet, Classicz, and Sync.

Port Artists Volunteering[/b]: Shadows Monre, Sorbet, Classicz, and Sync.

Volunteers: If you want to Volunteer send an email to [email protected] telling them you want to help. Note: If you're volunteering you may not enter the raffle.

Hopefully I covered everything, if not, whisper Shadows Monre for more info OR check here.
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