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Author Topic: How to Upload an Image  (Read 2104 times)

Offline Eevee

How to Upload an Image
«: December 19, 2007, 06:44:39 PM»
Confused how to upload images? Not to worry! Here's how!

1.)First, after you register, at the navigation at the top, click Gallery.
You should be in the page that displays recent and most viewed images.

2.)Under the nagivation to the right, click [MyGallery].

3.)Near the bottom of the page in the Gallery Admin Panel, click Add Category, and create a category fit for your artwork(ex: Portraits, Doodles, etc.)

4.)Once that is made, click [MyImages] found next to the [MyGallery] option in the Gallery section. At the bottom, click "Add personal gallery picture"

5.)You'll be taken to the Submission page.
  • Insert a title for your image.
  • Select the Category (that you created) that you want to upload it to.
  • Type a description about your image(Don't forget to credit who made it and who it's for!).
  • Click "Browse" and select the image you want to upload.
  • Toggle the additional options if you want to be notified that someone commented on your stuff, or if you want people to comment or not.
  • Then hit "Add picture]".

If you have any other questions in regards to uploading, feel free to ask in this thread!


Offline Zodiac

Re: How to Upload an Image
«Reply #1: December 20, 2007, 02:04:26 AM»
Thank you Mynt! <3

Offline Aaaamory

Re: How to Upload an Image
«Reply #2: February 01, 2013, 09:54:51 PM»
Question about keywords/tags that I add to images.  Are they seperated by spaces or commas?

Offline Zim

Re: How to Upload an Image
«Reply #3: February 01, 2013, 10:50:24 PM»
I believe it's spaces.