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Author Topic: Writing GOOD descriptions  (Read 2570 times)

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Writing GOOD descriptions
«: July 22, 2008, 07:23:47 PM»
I need money and BADLY. So, I'm using my writing skills to write descriptions for characters of any sorts.
You want a poem or an RP description? Feel free to ask me! I'll do it for 1 GD each. You'll see it's worth it. Descriptions take me no longer than 30 minutes to write. Examples are shown below. I've been writing poems/short stories for years now so my descriptions should be worth the 1 GD.

Want a poem in your description?

+ Tell me how many lines
+ What you want it to be about
+ Free verse or couplet?

RP Description?

+ A little reference for your character
+ Setting
+ Emotion you're looking for in the description
+ Human, Anthro, Feral?
+ Fighting description?


* Druid: Blind brute knew his way by feeling the vibrations within the earth itself. He was a mastermind at changing his shape into the forms of different species but was always caught in his wolf form. His right ear had been torn slightly from an experiment tag he had torn off, his left right limb was weak and there lay a scar on his back left limb from a bear trap. Though of all the scars, his strength was 3 times of the normal wolves and his size was 2 times those of a normal wolf. Around the brute's neck dangled two natural diamonds; one full of the blood of the forest nymphs and the other full of the God's heavenly tears. No one but he knows exactly what they do. With no trust for the humans, he continues to wander the earth seeking revenge. <-- Chant's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* Brown, wavy hair, gold, soft eyes with features as delicate as glass, Convel, the forest nymph, the wolf goddess, quietly makes her way through the trees. A slight smile playing on her lips as she blended in perfectly with bushes thanks to her clothing made out of leaves from a rare cypress tree. A diamond jewel hangs from her head, neatly placed on her forehead helped her stay keep balance between her nymph form and her wolf form. She seeks nothing but serenity and love, nothing but sunshine and a never-ending world of mystical wonders. I'd rather be your friend than your enemy... <-- Convel's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* Spirited; The young pup was considered a healer. Her white pelt showed the softness, and calmness of her soul while her hair represents the brightness within her heart. The off-white strip on her back represents the cool strip of water that heals within minutes of death. This pup was the only one who had stood out with her bright green eyes. She was known as a 'freak of nature' for her random outbursts of magic. Though she may seem bubbly and happy on the outside, she is only masking the pain and sadness within from when her parents had been killed. Please.. if you're out there... answer my prayers... <-- Cana's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* Surfer white blonde hair shrouded Dexter's hazel eyes from everyone. Enveloped in a spiked leather jacket, this "tough" character was no one to be messed with. Underneath this leather jacket of his lay assortments of tattoos and a small sterling silver cross. A long, thick tail with strange markings was seen by everyone. Those who questioned were given the evil stare. He didn't want anyone to find out his secret and no one ever will. His only weakness is the inability to stop caring for other people. <-- Dexter Holland's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* What does the world want from me? I've been through too much to handle: been out casted at home, shunned from the town and forced to leave the normal life I once had. I control the weather and when the planets should align. Give me a frickin break! Ugh I need a sign. Brown eyes pierce through the night. I draw strength from the planets. Anything is possible. Combined, I am the Gods of each planet. I am blessed. I know you're out there... I just can't find you.I call upon the planets. Grant me your control and I will forever lead you... <-- Edon's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* You foolish mortals have no idea what you're up against. Casted away by my state for crimes and hated by anyone but my followers, I seek dominance over the world itself. Thoughts of death remain 24/7. No one can stop me. Try you stupid humans. You have no chance.                                                 Try to defeat me. Try to beat me at my own game. Ha! Never will anyone or anything stop me. I lurk in the shadows waiting for my time to rise and start my domination of the world. I call upon the shadows. I demand your protection and strength, shadows. I forever serve the darkness... <-- Gunnolf's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* V i x e n would always get herself into trouble of course, mostly because she was a youngster. Her energetic personality was always shunned by the adults and the question stuck in their heads: <i>Would she be an irresponsible adult as she is as just a kit?</i> Her tiny black paws padded within the soil beneath her, the soil giving way under her weight (which was not much). Her green eyes swirled like a whirlpool; gently and methodically. Kesari's voice was soft but loud when she wanted to be noticed. No one knew that all she wanted was attention for she had lost her biological parents in a hunt. <-- Kesari's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

*Totally Wasted: Feline's eyes are completely bloodshot as strands of neon green hair fell over her now hollow, hazel eyes. A cigarette in her mouth was burning every useless second away. Every time she took it away from her Hispanic lips, the black lipstick she wore would rub off on it. This feline would always wear a mini-skirt, bright blue cami with a long sleeved fishnet shirt and knee-high heeled boots. Her parents seemed to always shake their heads, ashamed of their daughter knowing everyday, she would be Smashed. <-- Smashed's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

* Wallflower: Extremely young pup with a thick ebony pelt had wandered for so long, the pads underneath his paws had grown stronger due to his long journeys. Golden eyes shown hope that one day, he will shine brighter than any star in the night sky. 'Pon his chest was nothing but a mere mark of orion, the constellation that seemed to stand out from the others. He was no ordinary pup and even he knew that. No matter what he had gone through, Takoda always lived up to his name. <-- Takoda's desc only. DO NOT STEAL.

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Re: Writing GOOD descriptions
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