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Author Topic: what  (Read 773 times)


«: August 01, 2008, 10:32:27 AM»
Turquoise - I bet I spelled her name wrong but she's a super awesome artist, does her art quickly (She did for me!) and tried not to charge me, but too bad. >( I'm sure I'll commission her soon again, too. I loves me some unremappable ports.

Psmith - Commissioned him a few times. Once for a port, for lineart, and a few times for sketches. Very quick, underpriced, very good quality. They do guys, omggggg.

Elce - Very cute artwork, very fast! They checked in a few times with me to make sure everything was good about the sketch/flat coloring/etc, which I appreciated, and they're very nice to talk to. I was/am totally shocked that they don't have a full port list, so go commission them nowplz.

Samson - Still owes me artwork since January 2007. They've gone out of their way to avoid me, shove excuses as to why she's not active (But able to do other people's portraits?). After a year she dished out lineart, but nothing else. I asked if I could just find someone to color the rest of the port, she's read my messages, but apparently has no time to say 'yes' or 'no'. I highly suggest NOT commissioning this person, unless you like long waits and bullshit excuses. I was a pushover then, and I learned my lesson. I also paid before receiving the work, and I also have doubts that I'd ever see the return of it.

NOT DONE THIS IS A WIP TMFMFAMOA If I've commissioned/done work for you, then tell me! I probably forgot.