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Offline Inkbird

«: January 20, 2008, 05:59:30 PM»
Okay, this is a contest.~ For two characters of mine because I currently fail at drawing them. Or at least, I fail at drawing bipeds.


1st:: 50 GD or a two-year mythic digo
Winner:: Effira

2nd:: 2-3 Portrait Spaces or one-year wings or fifteen golden dragon scales
Winner:: Rhonda

3rd:: 1 Portrait Space or a ferian or 5 golden dragonscales
Winner:: Inx


Jacki~ Goldfish 10/25pts
--Creativity:: 4/5 I actually really like the pose for some reason.
--Anatomy:: 4/5 Head seems a tad too large for the body and the hands are a tad off.
--Personality:: 1/5 I don't think he'd ever get in that pose, haha.
--Detail:: 1/5 Can't really tell what's going on in certain parts of the picture 'cause the colours are too dark.
--Accuracy:: 0/5 Goldfish is a human, not a furry and his wings were supposed to be more fin-like. x)

Jacki~ Sixteen 18/25pts
--Creativity:: 3/5 The pose isn't too creative -- side-facing ports are very common.
--Anatomy:: 5/5 I don't see anything wrong with it.
--Personality:: 2/5 I don't think it quite shows.
--Detail:: 4/5 I love how you shaded the and the ears!
--Accuracy:: 4/5 Got all his markings right, except the inside of the ears are supposed to remap to bracer, but they don't.

Sarina Sixteen 22/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 You were the first to send in a cake entry and I love it! You draw cakes adoreable.
--Anatomy:: 4/5 It all seems perfect except for the face, but I understand -- faces are awfully difficult to draw from that angle.
--Personality:: 5/5 He wants it, he wants it baaad.
--Detail:: 3/5 There could've been more fur texture or slight shading.
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Hurray for Sixteen's markings!

Sarina Goldfish 18/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 Devious little goldfish, you. Don't kill anyone right now, please.
--Anatomy:: 4/5 It seems fairly dead on -- anatomically speaking, it seems very accurate, though the perspective of the arms is off and the tail looks flat.
--Personality:: 5/5 He looks downright evil and I love it.
--Detail:: 4/5 All the interest is drawn to the crotch because that's the only shaded part.. ( this amuses me.. )
--Accuracy:: 0/5 Goldfish is not a furry, and you forgot his fins -- since it seems he is sitting down, they would be showing.

Blair Sixteen 18/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 I think it's absolutely adoreable. x3 I wanna cuddle 'im!
--Anatomy:: 3/5 His body seems too long, like he's a wiener dog or something.
--Personality:: 4/5 The port looks cuddly, and Sixteen is definately fond of cuddles.~
--Detail:: 1/5 I understand it's hard to fit good details in a small size, but the portrait also lacks a backround...
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Yay for Sixteen's markings!

Rhonda Goldfish 19/25pts
--Creativity:: 6/5 BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. <3 And killing one of those 'creatures of peace', -awesome-.
--Anatomy:: 3/5 The head and neck part look awesome, but beyond that, he looks hugely obese.. haha..
--Personality:: 5/5 Yeah, he looks pretty downright evil here. :>
--Detail:: 2/5 The character itself looks cool, but beyond the character, it looks really rushed.
--Accuracy:: 3/5 Horns are too long and his wings are more lik fish-fins than dragon wings.

Rhonda Sixteen 26/25pts
--Creativity:: 6/5 I admit, this was my favourite portrait from the start. It's so adoreable!
--Anatomy:: 5/5 I don't see anything wrong, anatomy-wise.~
--Personality:: 5/5 Sixteen sure does love his cake.
--Detail:: 5/5 Fur texture is evident, the cake has friggen -speckles-, the countertop looks like marble..~
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Sixteen's markings are fun!

Inx Goldfish 23/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 It was the only Goldfish portrait done!
--Anatomy:: 4/5 There's.. something off. I think it was the attempt at perspective that makes it look a tad strange -- the head is very small and the shoulders are very very wide..
--Personality:: 5/5 You evil bastard, Goldfish! >:3 What did you slaughter this time.
--Detail:: 4/5 His teeth and whatever he ate looks strange...
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Y'can't go wrong with Goldie.

Inx Sixteen 25/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 I don't know when Sixteen would ever come upon a faerie, but it is really cute nonetheless. xD
--Anatomy:: 5/5 Seems pretty accurate to me.~
--Personality:: 4/5 I can't really tell how he's acting in the portrait.
--Detail:: 6/5 I love how stylistic this is. Style is a huge love with me. <3 And your shading is awesme. I love the dramatic lighting.
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Yaaaay sixteen.

Dan Goldfish 17/25pts
--Creativity:: 2/5 Side-view character portraits..
--Anatomy:: 4/5 I don't really see anything wrong with it except there's something off with the jaw structure. It doesn't look like he'd be able to bite very well..
--Personality:: 4/5 He looks pretty malicious!
--Detail:: 4/5 Fur texture, hurray! However, the blood doesn't look very bloody.
--Accuracy:: 3/5 His horns look like goat horns; they're supposed to be twistier, like kudu horns; and his ears look more like canine ears, at least to me.

Kata Sixteen 23/25pts
--Creativity:: 5/5 I think this is one of my favourite character-art entries.
--Anatomy:: 5/5 I don't see anything wrong wtih it; even the hand looks structured correctly!
--Personality:: 5/5 "It's my cake and I wanna see you just -try- to get it.~"
--Detail:: 4/5 Aww, no fur texture. But I love that cake. It's very happy coloured.
--Accuracy:: 4/5 The inside of his ears are bright orange, oops!

Disco Sixteen 22/25pts
--Creativity:: 3/5 Aww man, traditional side view!
--Anatomy:: 5/5 The anatomy looks rather perfect to me.~
--Personality:: 5/5 D'aww, he loves his lollipop!
--Detail:: 4/5 Lovely attempt at fur texture, however, the shading could be a tad bit darker -- it blends together in spots.
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Because of the light shading, it's hard to see sme of the markings, but upon closer inspection, they're all there.~

Tokiskwisgaarislove Sixteen 13/25pts
--Creativity:: 3/5 Traditional side view...
--Anatomy:: 1/5 You said yourself that you didn't draw ferals very often.. Maybe next time try and find a reference? The shoulders look too broad -- dogs tend to be leaner -- and the back is too low to the ground. Also, the papws look somewhat hand-like. xD
--Personality:: 1/5 He looks kind of evil.. It's under really rare circumstances where he'd so much as -growl- at someone.
--Detail:: 3/5 I like how this was shaded for some reason, but the attempt at fur texture looks more like random white lines.
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Sure looks like mah sixteen. :>

Effira Sixteen 26/25
--Creativity:: 6/5 Sure, it's just traditional side view, but you fit both forms in there and you did it well.
--Anatomy:: 5/5 The anatomy on the furry version seems perfectly accurate, but the anatomy on the feral looks a tad bit stout... maybe next time I hold a contest for Sixteen ( if there is a next time ), I'll try and compare him to a certain breed of dog to make it easier, haha.
--Personality:: 4/5 He has cake! He loves his cake.~ But the feral version lacks presonality.
--Detail:: 6/5 The fur texture is -awesome-, the shading is accurate, and this picture is all-around gorgeous to look at -- lovely eye-candy!
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Accurate in both forms, hurray! I like how you got the knee marking in the anthro version, haha. This would have been a six out of five because you drew two forms, but on the feral version, that looks like an 'X' in the middle of his back when it's supposed to be a 'V'..

??? Jailbait 19/25 -- I am sorry, I don't remember who sent this in! Please contact me again to get your name up here.
--Creativity:: 5/5 You're the only person to draw Jailbait, and I love the playful pose!
--Anatomy:: 2/5 The facial and paw anatomy seems way off. Because I myself do not specialize in drawing people, I can't tell you howso, though.
--Personality:: 5/5 Jailbait is a kid at heart!
--Detail:: 2/5 You explained this, but even then, it looks rather sloppy. Hair just looks slapped on his head and the eyes and mouth are very very blurry. If it were neater, this would probably have scored rather high!
--Accuracy:: 5/5 Sure looks like Jai.~

Ways of Contact::

AIM (best):: khamsinraisin
Furcadia:: Zexy, Raisin, or Sixteen
PMing here.

Send entries to my email, killthislastdecember[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Obviously change the wonky words to their respective symbols.

Thank you for your time!
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Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #1: January 20, 2008, 06:08:38 PM»
I think i'll enter this ^^ i mean, i could lose, but it should be fun!

Offline Mala

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #2: January 20, 2008, 06:10:38 PM»

I wanna join

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #3: January 20, 2008, 06:16:14 PM»
Added you two to the list. Thanks for the interest!

And naw, don't say you can't draw, everyone can draw. x3

Offline Sync

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #4: January 20, 2008, 06:28:33 PM»
goldfish's design is freaking hot

i'm joining!


Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #5: January 20, 2008, 06:58:34 PM»
Can we draw them as Anthro or Feral? [ Sorry if its up there, just cant make sense from it that much] Or will it be discredited?

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #6: January 20, 2008, 07:13:33 PM»
Anthro is okay for Sixteen, feral is allowed but it'd be considered fanart, not a contest entry.

Sana; I loved designing him. x3


Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #7: January 20, 2008, 07:31:16 PM»
Alright, i'm doing Anthro for Goldfish if thats alright. I'm not very good a hyoomans XD

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #8: January 20, 2008, 07:39:32 PM»
A'ight, added you. :3

I also updated the first post to make it easier to understand. Is that format better, specifically on the descriptions and stuff? x3

Offline Arley

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #9: January 21, 2008, 03:44:10 PM»
I'm enterin'~ This looks like fun! 83

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #10: January 23, 2008, 07:27:32 PM»
First entry received!

Offline Sapphirus

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #11: January 23, 2008, 10:15:28 PM»
I think i'll enter, drawing the most difficult since complexity is my fav thing to do =P

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #12: January 23, 2008, 10:35:57 PM»
A'ight. Added.~

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #13: January 23, 2008, 11:09:27 PM»
Update! I changed Sixteen's description. He's now a furry instead of a human, sorry if you started on it already ( though I think there was only one person drawing him, haha. )

Offline Yeni

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #14: January 24, 2008, 03:39:43 PM»
I totally wanna do this contest! Sign me up! Sign me up! :D
..l..___________________ _, ,
/ '---___________----______l]
), ---.(_(__)/
// (..) ) ,----"

"Bang bang! Shoot 'em up!"

Offline Booker

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #15: January 24, 2008, 03:57:11 PM»
i'm joining. P:

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #16: January 24, 2008, 04:41:06 PM»

Both are added.~


Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #17: January 25, 2008, 05:39:22 PM»
I'm in.

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #18: January 25, 2008, 05:59:30 PM»

Offline Renji

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #19: January 26, 2008, 05:21:21 PM»
So... can we still draw Sixteen as a human? *confused* x.x

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #20: January 26, 2008, 05:53:51 PM»
If you already started or can't draw furries, yes you can. x3

Offline Renji

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #21: January 27, 2008, 08:37:15 AM»
K then, i'm going to do Sixteen as a hooman. x3

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #22: January 27, 2008, 12:07:33 PM»

Offline Maxine

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #23: January 29, 2008, 11:06:52 PM»
oooDARN. are we only supposed to draw anthros? I already finished an entry, but it's a feral.  :-[

Offline Inkbird

Re: CONTEST--50 GD Prize!
«Reply #24: January 29, 2008, 11:38:59 PM»
Maybe if you are unable to create an anthro entry, I'll rate that one. x3 I'm not too much of a meaniehead. Go ahead and send it over.~