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Author Topic: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews  (Read 3245 times)

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Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
«: August 10, 2008, 06:58:17 PM»
Cross-posted and updated from FAM.

People who've commissioned me:

Aeva - What a wonderful gal! Supplied many awesome references, was a commissioner's dream come true throughout the process.

Allison/Megan - VERY great to work with as well, very enthusastic and supportive. Supplies great references! I consider this girl like a sister to me now. x)

Anika Candeh/Anika Kitten - NOT RECOMMENDED. I tried to be neutral throughout all of the slander and other such junk, but she commissioned me for two portraits and just plain didn't have the cash to back it up. I never received payment, having to resell the portraits in the end, and she was very uncooperative about the whole ordeal.

Amanda - Adorable! Again, awesome to work with. Very enthusiastic throughout the whole process. :)

Ashe Loxeus - At first I was skeptical with this guy, but he was fairly easy to work with. Very pleasant.

Athara - Simply a doll. Very prompt with payment, especially considering it was a contest prize. Absolutely no complaints. I'd do a dozen more ports for her if she asked.

Aurora/Paine - Very easy and lovely to work with. Not that many references of her character in its entirety, but I personally like piecing together characters from text sometimes. x)

Batgirl/Shota - This was such an exciting one to do!! Very enthusiastic commissioner, great to work with.

Beep/Fivel - Commissioned me for 2 ports. Lots of references, a complete joy to work with! I wanna do more for her. :x

Blonde - She's okay. :P I got a bit frustrated in the process, as she switched characters and changed quite a few things about her appearance, but in the end it all worked out all right.

Bodhi/TragicCharade - Super-easy to work with. Prompt payment and all that, not many refs for the character but it worked out just fine. Only small changes were asked of it. :)

Boom - Taking a risk, commissioning me for my first ever nonremap! It ended up kinda fuzzy and weird, but they were very understanding. Love 'em.

Chris/Azrael - VERY prompt with payment, patient, easy to talk to. Very nice to work with.

Color - She commissioned me years back for a portrait, and there was a bit of an issue with a few parts of it. I ended up having to redraw and recolor the wings entirely, which was a bit of a pain, but she seems a lot more adept at the whole businesslike portion now. I'm sure nowadays she'd be a great person to commission, and to receive commissions from.

Clyde Rosby - Wonderful! First-time commissioner, so he was kinda nervous, but was very cool, calm and collected, got his paypal in order just fine, and was prompt once it got verified. A pleasure to work with!

Craig - This guy rocks! His character's VERY fun to draw, especially in ports where it remaps in a very interesting way. :B Very prompt with payment.

Divnei/Serenity The Witch - Bleh. Very fangirly, which normally wouldn't be that big a deal, but she was a very ignorant fangirl. She looked at one piece that I did a few years ago and thought all my work was like that, and so when I showed her the sketch to be approved, she asked all kinds of things like if I could change the nose so it looked like those "cute" ones that anime girls have, or if I could make her eyes all big and KAWAIII~~!1 I guess she didn't bother looking at any of my more recent work before asking to commission me?! In any case, her port sold easily as a premade so it was no skin off my back. Just kinda insulting, is all. I'm not an anime artist.

Ernesto - This guy's awesome, as are his characters. He was a little picky about the accessory around his character's neck, but oh well! It turned out WAY better for it. Very highly recommended, as he's very mature and reasonable,  easy to work with. :)

Fauna Maria - THE MOST PATIENT person in the entire world, I swears. She commissioned me for a portrait years ago, and I just never finished it. She commissioned me for more than that, though, now that I think about it...In any case, after a few YEARS, she got her art. I felt terrible about the whole situation, but she seemed fine with it. Commissioned me twice more in the past year, and though some terrible situations came up, she managed to pay me fairly promptly for one of them. She let me know as soon as possible when she was in a bind, so I wasn't even half-done with the second one, and she requested that it be put on hold. I'd do anything for this lovely. <3

Folktale - What a joy to work with! Didn't provide any refs, but her character was so wonderful I didn't need 'em. x) Love 'er.

Forever/Candy-Corset - Had a bit of a mix-up with the characters...but the original sold off quickly as a premade, for the same price, and the second character was way fun to draw anyway. VERY prompt payment, and extremely apologetic for the switch. :)

Freddie - I love this girl (the one that plays this guy, that is)!! What a challenging character, but she was very, very patient with me, and supplied a lot of great references. Draw this guy! :)

Heavenly - Did a nonremap portrait as well as a coloring job for her. She's absolutely loverly, draw her!

Jax - Phew, a little bit of a rollercoaster ride. Corin, Jax's previous owner, commissioned me for a portrait, but sold the alt (without telling me) before I was done with it. I send the port to the new owner, since I thought it'd been paid for, but that was a huge oversight on my part. Regardless, I DID receive payment a few short days later, and this has been resolved. :B

Jenni - A joy to work with, from what I remember! :P Recommended.

Jeromy - Don't know much about this person, but their portrait was a change of pace for me. They were very enthusiastic as well, easy to work with.

Jesabelle/Demise - Nothing but praise from her. Very prompt payment, even though it was a contest prize.

Killer - Yet another very patient person. I got hung up on the hair in her portrait, but she stuck it out with no complaints that I remember. Total doll.

Kiss - I felt so guilty for getting hung up on this one... :( Took me forever to finish it, basically (a few months, I think) but she was very understanding, and she loved it. Yay!

Loki - Love this guy! I've done THREE portraits for him over the years, and he's loved all of them despite the former ones' questionable quality. xD

Lucky - I love this girl! She pushed me to do the best work I had in quite some time. :) All of her suggestions to improve it made it way better in the end. Awesome to work with, not to mention one of the nicest people I know. I think this alt got sold, though...so I don't know where she is anymore. :(

Mackenzi - Awesome to work with. :) Very open to ideas, very encouraging in the whole commission process. Prompt payment, from what I can remember.

Magma - Bought a premade portrait and later on commissioned me for a tattoo design! It's refreshing to get a commission for something I don't usually do, so I appreciated that from the get-go. SUPER-sweet, very prompt payment. If you get commissioned by them you are lucky.

Marc - Started out as a commission to turn a sketch he had into a portrait, but we ended up good friends. xP Very easy to work with!

Marshall - Great to work with! He commissioned me for one portrait, was very easygoing about the whole process, etc.

Miller - Love this girl!! Her character is drop-dead sexy, and she's got an awesome personality. Prompt, responsive, all that jazz.

Noah - I think this one just had some bad timing...and my flair for drawing fizzled a bit with this character. :c All in all a good transaction, though there was a bit of trouble getting a hold of the owner once the portrait was actually completed (and after one small alteration was made).

Oksana - Though not very involved in the process, she was very prompt, provided good references, and liked the end result. :)

Presea de Keltoi/Dimestoremagic - Very patient! Payment waited just as long as she did for me to actually START her portrait, but her boyfriend was paying, not her -- willing to pay a little extra to make up for paypal fees, too. Woo! I'd love to do more art for her, or any of the other lovelies from Burnt Offerings.

Relax - Easy-going and wonderful, as you might imagine from the name. Has a beautiful character, to say the least, and was great throughout the process. I even FORGOT her leopard markings (facepalm) and she was just kinda like "um...just one thing, could you add her spots?" Very understanding, I'd love to do more art for her again sometime.

Roosevelt - Same guy as Ernesto/Townes, and I LOVE this guy's characters. He always gives awesome references, as well as engaging or interesting poses/angles/lighting. Prompt payment, etc.

Seamyst - Only had one alteration late in the process, and it was super-easy to fix. Very apologetic about it, no less. xD Very easy to work with.

Sebastiana - Did a portrait for her a few years ago, but it stank -- she didn't care. :P Huge sweetheart, very easy to work with.

Skit Lacier - VERY patient, as it took a two or three weeks (at least) for me to finish that one. Understanding, prompt, all the good things you could hope for.

Slay - Again, easy to work with. Did a port for him as some random niceness. He loved it, thankfully.

Sorrow/Amber - Absolutely lovely. Supplied fantastic refs, and was very supportive through the process. Beautiful character, too.

The_Rg - One of my favorites!! Total doll, this gal. <3 I'd do 100 ports for her if she asked, she's so easy to work with.

Townes - Same guy as Ernesto, gave me a VERY interesting character to work with and made his (good) opinion heard. Kinda hard to hear sometimes, but hey, none of us are perfect. :) Would love to continue working with.

Turquoise - Okay, so this was just contest entries and the like, but I LOVE HER. Go draw her amazing characters nownownow.

Undead/Rhiannon - What. A. Pain. Fortunately I rarely have to deal with these kinds of people. Very condescending. It started out fine, as she just randomly contacted me to draw her character that was way out of my comfort zone, which I appreciate. Argued the price I gave her, made a huge fuss about the background (of all things) even though I explained the situation to her...Just see my blog on here for the rant. Oi.

Wonka - A joy to work with!! Very interesting character, gave a great ref, so on and so forth...Super-sweet.
- Changed Owners! - Commissioned AGAIN, this time for something even more out of my comfort zone, which I love. :3 I think it turned out great, and so did she. Extremely easy to work with!

Xai - So patient, and supplies so many beautiful references! Another wonderful person to work for.

Zacharie - Commissioned me for lines, and I delivered I guess. Pleasant to work with, but payment came a little later than expected.

People I've commissioned, or worked/traded with:

Akuda - What a joy to commission! In my opinion they undercharge, but that might just be me. x) My character was out of the comfort zone, but still turned out absolutely adorable. Love the style, love the art, would definitely commission again.

Allison/Megan - I love this girl. I've collaborated with her before, I think, but mostly we share ideas back and forth and critique. Commission her!! Her lines just keep getting better, and her shading's awesome.

Dizziowl - Not even sure she's still around, but she's also great to work with. Highly recommended! Got a very cute style, to boot.

Hufflepuff - What a doll, and so quick! I commissioned her for a portrait, and she had it done the very next day. VERY affordable for the quality (which is to die for)! Pleeeease commission her.

Hybrid - Quick and easy trade, GD for port spaces. Very trustworthy, so don't worry if you're trading with her! :)

Idious - Love her, love the port she did for Raz. This was also a trade, and she was VERY quick, and very easily captured my character!

Kayu - A budding portrait artist with an adorable style! I commissioned her for a portrait and received it within a few days. Easy to work with, definitely. Commission her!!

Morgan - Had some issues with a trade I did with her. She was quick, but had problems with the muzzle on my character. She's gotten much better since then, though!

Mythi - Did collabs with her years back, her lines were so fun to color! :) Super-easy to work with, I highly recommend commissioning her.

Psmith - Just commissioned him for a colored sketch of my character Raz. He did a PHENOMENAL job, I highly recommend him!! Quick, talented, and cheap: can't get much better than that.

Shippouchan/Shippeth - Not really recommended...Did a port trade with her a while back, and I didn't receive my half for over a year. It was cute and everything, but it took sooooo long, and part of the background remaps when it shouldn't.

Soaren - Mmmmm super-cute sketch. I ended up coloring it and using it as a reference for one of my characters, since it was so adorable. They were completely cool with that, too. :) I gave them credit, don't worry. GO COMMISSION THEM NOW

Vango/Raniko - Got a free portrait from her a while ago, very speedy. Her art's gotten way better since then, too! Sweetheart, easy to work with.

Vorpalmuse - Commissioned for one portrait, and they were an absolute joy to work with. I liked getting updates, so I could have input -- which they took into account! Awesome.

That's it for now, check back later! :) ;D
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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #1: August 10, 2008, 10:03:48 PM»
"Reviews are not to be sorted by any form of "good/bad" categorization. It is suggested you sort your list by Date or Alphabetically."

This also includes any color coding. ;)

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #2: August 11, 2008, 08:29:09 AM»
Maybe that should be added to that listing of rules, then. These are alphabetical, and this post was made with the color-coding over at FAM with no complaints.

Fixed it, though.
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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #3: August 11, 2008, 08:59:18 AM»
+ Jax

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #4: August 11, 2008, 12:05:04 PM»
i may not have seen the post on fam yet. but if i did i would have asked it be changed there as well. i will add in more details to the rules as far as categorizing goes as soon as i am not posting from my cell phone. bwah i still hrt u.

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #5: August 11, 2008, 03:33:17 PM»
I would totally commission you for 100 ports.
If I had the money. xD

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #6: August 13, 2008, 10:44:54 AM»
+ Undead

And Rg ilu.

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #7: August 16, 2008, 11:13:17 PM»
+ Wonka :)

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #8: November 04, 2008, 12:24:24 PM»
+ Townes
+ Clyde Rosby

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #9: December 03, 2008, 09:29:38 AM»

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #10: January 16, 2009, 12:20:14 PM»
+ Noah
+ Roosevelt

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #11: February 03, 2009, 01:55:51 PM»
+ Forever/Candy-Corset

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Re: Dwy's Reviews
«Reply #12: March 22, 2009, 08:24:16 AM»
+ Bodhi/TragicCharade
+ Divnei/Serenity The Witch
+ Sorrow/Amber

(people I've commissioned) -> + Soaren
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Re: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
«Reply #13: April 18, 2009, 10:35:58 PM»
+ Magma
+ Relax
+ (another) Wonka

(people I've commissioned) -> + Akuda
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Re: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
«Reply #14: April 18, 2009, 10:50:55 PM»
Thank you!! :D

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Re: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
«Reply #15: April 19, 2009, 09:52:35 AM»

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Re: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
«Reply #16: July 02, 2009, 07:44:16 AM»
+ Aurora
+ Batgirl
+ more Fauna Maria
+ Beep/Fivel
+ Presea de Keltoi

(jeez, I needed to update this)

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Re: Dwy/Sedde's Reviews
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awwww tyty<33 I must commission you again when i get the chance!