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Author Topic: critique's on fur plz  (Read 897 times)

Offline TK

critique's on fur plz
«: January 23, 2008, 11:51:45 PM»
Fur Picture

Fur on DeviantArt - For those who don't want to post on FAZ (You can critique on anatomy here XD)

Anywho I hope that link worked...

I know the anatomy is off, I wasn't trying for anatomy I was just drawing something that was canineish so I could practice fur. Also yes this is a doodle so I didn't do the fur as best I could do its was really my first attempt at fur.. or decently anyway. xD

Anyway, I'd like critique's on it, do you like the fur or should I change somethings.

So Far I have -asked a few artists she knows-:
-Light Source
-Colored Pencils ( >.> please don't say add color people.. or anything on those lines)

ONLY critique on the Fur... please don't do anatomy or anything else
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Offline Sanne

Re: critique's on fur plz
«Reply #1: January 25, 2008, 05:55:39 AM»
Hmm.. Only suggestion I can think of is, don't draw the fur until you color it. Or at least shade. Drawing fur isn't about drawing the lines, but applying shading right so that it has the effect of fur.


This is a digital tutorial, but it basically gets the point across. Notice how in the lineart there is only an outline of the fur, and the fur gets defined by the shading. Doesn't need to be color, but you can try the same with pencil shading. Start light, then go dark.

Hope this helps. :)
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