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Author Topic: Two Premades- One Full, One Lineart  (Read 722 times)

Offline Feri

Two Premades- One Full, One Lineart
«: August 17, 2008, 11:07:29 PM»
I accept:
Paypal, GD.

Spaces, digos.

For Sale (super jpgd and moar for protection)

Semi-on hold (until Friday... higher offers get higher priority. It is not auction, however.)
As is: 12GD
With edits: 15GD

(taken from dA)
Free edits:
Make lips remap, remove scarf, remove necklace, add stripes/pattern to shirt, remove stripes/add pattern to scarf, change necklace pendant, change hair to multicolored, edit markings.

3GD edits:
Add clothing/remove shirt (oh my), Change hair style (length, style, etc.), add wings, change species.

Thank you guuuys. Please post here or pm me. Or whisper me on Feri/Clutter/Shallow
Do not be afraid to haggle, but don't be ridiculous. I am generally generous!
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Offline Feri

Re: Two Premades- One Full, One Lineart
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