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Author Topic: Weaving Reviews (9/13)  (Read 2014 times)

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Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«: August 19, 2008, 11:52:07 AM»
If anybody really stands out, they gonn' git mentioned.

Trades (Items, Alts, and Art)

Ambi - Awesome possum. Bought some Gaia gold from her for a good price. Prompt and cheerful throughout.

Aware - Sold a port space to her for 30k in gaia gold. Trade was simple and quick. Trusty trader.

Ceriseth - Bought the alt Abe Lincoln from them. Hilarious conversations while trading even though I met them as a complete stranger. Great pricing. Would do business with them again.

Evil Disco - Did a portrait art trade with this person. VERY nice and very good at art. They showed me the sketches before continuing the port which made me very happy and were very prompt in getting things done. Trustworthy and highly recommended.

Isadora - Pending art trade. Waiting for them to finish.

Kaiba - Sold me a well-named ported alt for 1GD while cleaning out their alt list. Very awesome, intellectual trader. Fast transaction at a mind-blowing price.

Kotzen - Bought the alt Foreman from them because I am crazy. Smoooth transaction. Awesome conversationalist. Very trustworthy. And smooth.

Marik - Collaborated on a premade with this person as well as bought a premade from them. Very lenient and patient. Fun to talk with not to mention the amazing quality of their shading.

Mac - Fantastic. I mailed this person a sixty dollar game (Disgaea) and they promptly gave me life triwings in return. I recommend Mac as a trustworthy trader.

Mimi - Sold her a port space for Gaia gold. Fantastic and fast. Would love to trade with this person again as she's quite reliable.

Mosspaw - Pending art trade. Waiting for them to finish.

Rachel - WOOHOO. Quick, available, and trustworthy. Getting alts from this person is no problem. Prices are fabulous also.

Rainbowy - Bought the alt Canadian from her. Extremely fast, well-priced, and painless. Great trader.

Rilo - Rilo is cool. PMed me about some alts I'd been wanting and gave them to me really cheap. Trade was quick, no BS involved. Definitely recommended for trade or purchase.

Roelle - Art trade. Was nice and prompt with their end of the trade, but my character was drawn wrong in several aspects that were specified clearly in my request form.

Rufio - Numerous trades with this person. Very quick, very reliable.

Sierra - Bought a port space from her for 5GD. This was so easy, quick, and casual that I was shocked. Sierra rocks.

Smarmy - Our original trade was for me to buy her Triwings and her to knit me a scarf (a real one, not pixels). I buy wings from a friend of mine for 17GD and she transfers them to Smarmy. A month later I contact Smarmy about her progress and she says she doesn't want to do the scarf. I'm disappointed but say it's fine if she pays me back. She tells me to remind her later, pretends to be away, and never pays me back over the course of a few weeks during which I constantly remind her.

EDIT: I actually had to go to the guardians for this one; things are solved now.

Stephie (On FAM) - I had an alt on my wanted list because I knew a friend was interested in it. Suddenly it pops up on Stephie's list so I ask about it. At first she tried to sell it to me, but after hearing why I wanted it she just gave it to me free. Can you believe that? Stephie is both awesome and cool.

Tachs - Art trade! Tachs is awesome and finished my picture really fast. She did a great job since all I could give her was one ref.

Portrait Commissions

Ali (Alicia on FAM not Alicia Furc) - Commissioned me for a portrait. Gave me all the information and refs I needed and was prompt with payment. Polite and simple to work with.

Atrophied - Awesome possum, this girl. She commissioned me to draw a portrait for and was very sweet and kind through the whole thing. Prompt with payment, a blast to talk to, clear with what she wants in a commission. Not too picky or pushy. Just right (Sort of like everything Little Bear had in Goldilocks and the Three Bears only I'm fairly certain Atro doesn't condone breaking and entering).

Bright/Alexander - Commissioned an animation from me and even offered to pay up front. Nice cute character. They tipped me once I finished.

Cesaire D'Eure -  This guy was great not just for me, but for other people. He paid entirely for one girl's port and then for half of another girl's port. A really cool guy and very patient. For a while I had to send updates through him because one of my clients used a messaging program I didn't have. This guy is totally awesome; don't hesitate to draw for him or his friends.

Chacal - Commissioned her for a port of my character and agreed to pay her half up front. Lost contact with her for a few months. Caught up with her and got my port. Paid her the other half for her effort. My only quip is that she didn't draw my character very well (or very much of him at all). That's fine though since she's a feral artist and I requested a human.

Chaya/Tangerine - Adorable character. Commissioned me for a nonremap portrait and CG package. Polite, prompt with payment, and kind about changes they'd like. Overall a very cool commission.

Coccyx - I loved drawing for Coccyx not only because I felt like it but because it was for a contest. She paid every artist who entered which to me was very generous of her. I would certainly draw for her again even if it meant not getting paid.

Corin - Commissioned me for a portrait. Fun, easy to work with and talk to. Some months later she approached me asking me to resell her portrait since she changed her character design. The portrait was then removed from her character and resold to Puppy with edits. We split the profit. First time this has ever happened; Corin didn't want the art to go to waste! Awesome.

Dawnie - Dawnie was fantastic to draw for. She was both kind and patient as well as the best mouse I've ever drawn.

El-Ahrairah/Oil - Bought a bear premade from me that I thought would never sell. Trustworthy and prompt with payment. Recommended as a safe buyer.

Gackt/Gackt's Wife - Commissioned me for a portrait. Not only a sweet pair of people but very easy to negotiate with. They were available to contact, pleasant to talk to, and prompt when it came to payment and asking about character information. One of the best commissions I've ever had.

Gerald White - Long time friend of mine. Commissioned me for a portrait. Very trustworthy and casual. Won't press you on a commission and will let you take your time.

Itsuya - Itsuya has paid me to draw some various linearts for her. Payment has always gone smoothly and she was great for talking to. Provided good contact info also. Very secure even with non-Furcadia payment items.

Kel/Kelli - Bought a premade from me for some GD. Patient and available to contact.

Kelly - Commissioned me for a portrait. Cute character and bubbly personality. Prompt with payment. Gave plenty of character details and helped tweak the port to their liking. A pleasant and patient person to work with.

Keriss Pferranon - Keriss is cool.

Liralen - Liralen commissioned me for a portrait and was very pleasant/patient as I was asking questions as well as drawing. They were very easy and fun to work with.

Lokivia - Port contest. Supposedly got hacked, lost the prize, and cancelled her contest without announcing it or reimbursing the entrants to my knowledge. Commissioned a shitload of artists around the same time. Might be nice, but I don't know if I trust her. Has not been saving up to buy another prize to finally pick a winner but has been seen with other digos.

Morgan -  WOO! She's a big jerk on the forums, but as a trader and artist Morgan is positively delightful. She is honest, prompt, clear, and a side of fries. She has done some very nice collaboration work with me and bought a few of my premades. Definitely trustworthy and talented.

Motocross - This guy was annoying. Do not accept a commission from him unless you don't mind being expected to copy someone else's port and be bothered about how it's coming along every five minutes.

Nephys - Nephys was prompt, available, and paid me BEFORE I drew the portrait. Her reasoning was that 'she knew my skills' already but I was still impressed. Nephys can definitely be trusted as a commissioner.

Nirvanic - Nirvanic loved her portrait and couldn't thank me enough for it. She really made my day and I guess I made hers. I would happily draw for her again.

Oz/Lucifer - Bought a premade from me. A few quick edits and we were done. Fast payment, good communication. Would do business again.

Plushie - Bought a premade from me for 30k in Gaia gold. Fast, and easy trade. Pleasant through the whole thing.

Puppy - Bought a premade from me. Enthusiastic, trustworthy. Smooth, quick trade.

Raeluna - Rae was totally mellow through this whole thing. She was also patient, nice, and overall interactive. A lovely person to draw.

Saifer - Cheerful and very specific in their answers to questions about what they wanted. They did not, however, nitpick or complain at all. I would definitely draw for them again.

Sana -  Bought a premade from me for some Gaia gold. Fast with payment and nice.

Superman -  Commissioned me for a portrait. Very nice and overly careful when requesting changes or edits. This person will completely and totally respect whoever they commission. Make sure you get them to cough up any changes they might want otherwise they may be too shy to say anything. A very sweet commissioner who I'd love to work for again.

Sybrille -  This person was amazingly patient; they had to wait nearly three days for their portrait but never complained once.

Tokoya - Commissioned me for a portrait. Provided nice and easy-to-follow refs. Didn't rush me or pester me and was awesome for casual conversation in between portrait updates. I love this person. LOVE THEM!

VORPALMUSE/Kain Ragnorok -  I commissioned this fine young lady for a portrait of one of my characters. Everyone else seems to have a hard time with his mullet, but she did it like nobody's business. VERY skilled artwork and beautiful shading. Reasonable prices and cheerful disposition. Check her DA at http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/gallery

Character Art Commissions

DrKarayua/Shini Maxwell - Attempted to commission this person for a CG of my character. They were nice at first, but when I described my character to them they proceded to berate me for designing them wrong (???), asked if they could change my character's design, and then refused to draw for me at all rather than simply saying 'sorry I can't draw that'. Horrible customer service, do not want.

Kitetsu - This person commissioned me for a fullbody traditional colored picture of myself and her character. She never paid and cut off all contact so I couldn't find her. Luckily she was never shown the image without protective wording over it.

Mizzie - Commissioned her for a picture and she disappeared forever.

Turquoise -  Commissioned her to draw my character. Very nice and honey-covered/whatnot, but she drew my character in a different outfit than the one I described to her. I let her know and she drew me an entirely new (And accurate) picture to make up for it. What a sweety!
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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #1: August 19, 2008, 11:57:11 AM»
Just letting you know, color-coding is apparently against the rules.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #2: August 19, 2008, 11:58:38 AM»
Well, someone did get on my case about it a while ago but that was because I had a color code guide up at the top which they asked me to remove. I was told keeping the colors was ok as long as I didn't indicate what they meant.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #3: August 19, 2008, 12:00:17 PM»
...That seems kinda odd. Especially since red is typically used for "hey, this is bad."

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #4: August 19, 2008, 12:00:42 PM»
Or hammertime.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #5: August 19, 2008, 07:55:14 PM»
I'm going to have to back up Dwy and say that any kind of color coding is not allowed.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/19)
«Reply #6: August 20, 2008, 12:44:26 AM»
Ok then. I'll go through it and make some edits.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/21)
«Reply #7: August 21, 2008, 12:29:00 PM»
+ Chaya/Tangerine.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (8/21)
«Reply #8: August 22, 2008, 10:28:58 AM»

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #9: September 13, 2008, 12:46:24 AM»
+ Oz/Lucifer.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #10: December 04, 2008, 03:17:08 PM»

Nirvanic - Nirvanic loved her portrait and couldn't thank me enough for it. She really made my day and I guess I made hers. I would happily draw for her again.

o rly?

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #11: December 06, 2008, 01:54:56 AM»
Yes and now we hate each other omg. D:< Fite @ u

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #12: December 06, 2008, 12:31:23 PM»
wtfz u startedes it!!! *kix*

And if you want to redo the port, I'm paying this time. :p

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #13: December 06, 2008, 12:33:19 PM»
Hell no. It'll be free.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #14: December 06, 2008, 12:35:50 PM»
r u sure? becuz i'mma have to buy more spacez newayz to use the new one. D:
or clear or transfer or whatsever.

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Re: Weaving Reviews (9/13)
«Reply #15: December 06, 2008, 12:37:53 PM»
Just send me ur specs so I can begin a lineart.