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Author Topic: Feral dawgi woof woof. Accepting Neopoints  (Read 568 times)

Offline Rikadu

Feral dawgi woof woof. Accepting Neopoints
«: August 24, 2008, 08:20:14 AM»

Welcome to my colourful port auction. c:

HB: None
AB: 10 GD / 600, 000 Neopoints (60k per 1 GD) / 2 Portspaces
AB without background: 7 GD / 420, 000 Neopoints (60k per 1 GD) / 1 Portspace

It's for auction yep.

I WILL refuse to sell it if the bidding doesn't reach 5 GD. :/ I'm proud of this port.
If it isn't sold by the 30th then it goes up for sale for 10 GD with background included.

You may choose what the wolf its looking at. c: Originally it was going to be a butterfly, but I decided I'd let the buyer choose.

Background included with the bidding.

Markings can be changed if you want. ^^ Or you can keep them like that.
And the background (If you choose to buy it included) will be of your liking. c:

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