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Author Topic: Ly's Reviews  (Read 863 times)


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Ly's Reviews
«: August 25, 2008, 11:45:54 PM»
YEAH So I thought I'd start my own reviews list, shall we?!

No particular order btw.

1. Mid/Hare/her alts: Commissioned a pencil/pen sketch from her. Lovely style, cheap, fast and she's a sweetheart highly recommended.

2. Beep:I bought Ly's first port as one of her pre-mades and I love it x:. I've also had friends that have commissioned her and are in love with her ports as well. <3

3. Erde: She has actually done two ports for two of my characters now and I love both of the ports. She's also really nice and gets the ports done fast and great quality.

4. Riku Black..paw?: Did Ly's second (first officially commissioned) port and it turned out wonderfully. Really inexpensive, inventive poses and she listens to what you want.

5. D0m: Did a full color upper body shot of Ly and just wow, really well done and looked realistic (minus the cat ears) If you want human art I highly recommend him.

6. Huggle: Commissioned her for a port of Ly and she had the port done the same night. Love the way she shades hair good at both feral and anthro characters. Plan to commission her again in the future, hopefully spots will be open since they fill up so fast.

7. Turquoise: Made this awesome ref sheet of Ly. Even though all I had commissioned from her was a sketch. It's one of my favorite pieces of Ly art and she's really really sweet. She might take a while to get a commission done but it's well worth the wait.

8. Nikki-Knack: Did a free sketch for Ly and it's soooo cute. I guess she really enjoyed doing the hair, it looks fluffy. <3 OH and she's having a contest right now.. check it out if you'd like.

9. Kamilia: Did a free sketch of Ly I don't know if her commissions are closed or not but the sketch is neat, she did it fast too.

10. Defect: Commissioned a sketch from her. She got it done one or two days later for only 2 gd and it's really good. The pose is great, I would have never of thought of it myself and her style is extremely unique. Her couple sketches are cute too.

11. Izot: Did a free sketch and port of Ly both of which I love i just need to buy spaces to upload it now! Highly recommend commissioning her.

12.Dieter Maksymov: I don't think he has an FAZ soooo yeah. Did a sketch for Ly that I didn't know about or ask for. It's cute, especially the talk-to-the hand pose.. I don't think he takes commissions but you could ask!

13. Aka: Made a port for one of my alts and I love it even though I love her drawings more so. I don't know if she takes commissions yet but keep a look out for her I doubt you'll be disappointed.
If I forgot anyone let me know x: