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Author Topic: Another Contest :)  (Read 781 times)

Offline Angie Anomalous

Another Contest :)
«: August 26, 2008, 01:02:20 PM»
I'm hosting another contest... Of course. This time, prizes are going to be freshly bought after the winner is announced. You get to CHOOSE what prize you want. Unfortunately, I haven't got much money so the choices can be seen below.


+ When you enter this port contest, make sure YOU ACTUALLY DO WORK. (Last port contest, people joined and never even handed in the work).
+ Give yourself time to do the work. Enter as early as possible so you can take your time.
+ **You must show me the lineart before you color/shade.**
+ Make sure you're ready to make any changes I believe must be used.
+ Art is always copyrighted to you. But character must be copyrighted to me.
+ If you do not win, you may resell WITH changes. Along with the winner being announced, I will put things you must change within the port.

color code: t-(A/0+,;;;#%#

+ Anthro Female Cat
+ Fluffed tail with marking at tip (marking at tip - markings)
+ Piercings in her ear, snake bites and monroe (badge)
+ Chain skirt (trousers)
+ Fishnet stockings (non remap)
+ Bikini top (vest)
+ Fishnet over bikini top (non remap)
+ Scene hair (shown below in ref) (hair)
+ Coontails (shown below) (darker area remap to cape) (lighter to bracers)
+ XX High Converse (shown below) (laces non remap) (boots itself remap to boots)
+ Hello Kitty Plush in arms (non remap)
+ Black makeup (no raccoon eyes please) (non remap)
+ Bow in hair (white) (non remap)

Choice of:

+ Any 1 year wings
+ Any 1 year ferian

** Prize will be freshly bought when winner gives their choice.


Deadline is: Friday ... September 5th. 12:00 AM FST


COONTAIL REF (coontails on both sides)

I really like the way she poses with her HK plush. Maybe port pose like this?


Good luck. Reply to this thread if you want to join.

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