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Author Topic: Rg's Reviews!  (Read 830 times)

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Rg's Reviews!
«: August 31, 2008, 10:50:22 AM»
My reviews! Yay! :D

If I've forgotten you (I have a rubbish brain) then just let me know. <3

Dwy - Commissioned her for a portrait, which was totally gorgeous. She's done so many lovely pieces of free art for me and I love each piece in her gallery. I'm going to commission here again when they open, and I strongly advise you to do the same!
Fairy Cake/KitttyKat - Commissioned for a port with a detailed background and paid in advance. Didn't hear anything from her for three months. I emailed her and after another month or so she replied, saying she'd forgotten and was working on it. Another month after that I received the port, which is very nice.
Louisiana - Gorgeous port, very quick and perfect for my character.
Mayu - Commissioned Mayu for a port some time ago, as I've always admired her art. She was nice enough to throw in a full body picture of Rg and then create a pixel port from that. Both were gorgeous and done timely, with updates along the way. Definitely commission her - if she ever does Furc. work again.
Morki - I admired her ports when she posted them on DA in '05. When she stopped, I continued to worship her pixel art. She's just opened up for commissions again and I jumped at the chance to have one! INCREDIBLY speedy, I was completely amazed. Port finished within two days of contacting her for a commission and it was incredible. She has super skills and a creative mind, definitely get a commission while you can!
Neca - Nice port. She took a while and a bit of nudging to finish, but a great port. :D
Rei-Jin - I love this girl. Commissioned her for a full body picture of Rg and it's gorgeous. Also for a necklace, which I love and wear regually. Would recommend her to everyone, without hesitation.
Tienesh - Commissioned very recently for two ports, both of which are loved very much. Very quick work with lovely updates along the way! :D

nanoshpi - Done a couple with this girl, gorgeous art, very fast and simply wonderful.
Poth - Love her art, love her characters. Her style and talent evolves so quickly, it's amazing. Very quick with her half. :D
Rei-in - Again, perfect. Lost count of the number of trades done but she always gets hers done before me. D:
Selachia - Very cute port, very quick. :)
Toast - Quite a while back now, but she was really quick and still does very very cute ports.

Again, let me know if I've forgotten you. <3
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Re: Rg's Reviews!
«Reply #1: October 12, 2008, 01:33:49 PM»
+ Morki.