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Author Topic: Websites. (3-10GD)  (Read 954 times)

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Websites. (3-10GD)
«: September 11, 2008, 05:38:15 PM»
So. Bam. Descided to monopolize my mad skills at html.
Okay not really. I thought I would start expanding my horizons and learning more!
Yes I want to learn! I'm a freak of nature I know.
I'm quite good at html and layouts. So not bad.
I'm good at image editing too. Image edits, for characters, are usually not 'expensive'

I can do DREAM websites too. I have yet to work out how to do forums. =/ So bare with me till I learn.
Untill then I can cordinate sites with Proboards and Boards2Go and any other form like sites, well I feel as if I am capable of doing this.

I can do PHOTO MANIs too. I usually combine these with like layouts.
Most of my images are in PNGs or JPEGS.
If you can't see one, or either then Tell me! I will try and conjure up something for you.

I can PANDER to your needs! You want something fixed I can fix it for you. Want me to go in and re-code something I will do it. If code doesn't work, just tell me! It won't hurt my feelings. If you feel as if my work isn't want you wanted, tell me what's wrong and I will try and make it to your likes. If I am making you a LAYOUT and CODE then I will show you they layout before I begin to code it all.

YOU PICK THE CODE. Iframe, frames, individual pages. Name it I'll do it. If it doesn't load for you, then I can fix it so it will!

ALSO IM FAST AND EFFICIENT! :D YESYES i am. Friends can vouch for me.. <3

Hm now my pricings, I bet you are wondering..
Basic Html (basically a box and some text) (no edited image) (n/a)

Frame/Page html (div layouts basically) (no edited image) ( http://baconbits.webng.com http://jannette.webng.com)

iFrame Html (iframes) (no edited image) ( example not avaliable, getting varification for the use of the images on it, ilazy )

Photo Mani for the HTML
add 1gd to the cost of the html
Slight edit to images will cost you nothing.

Image Mapshttp://jannette.webng.com )
add 1gd to the cost of the html

add 1gd to the cost of the html
->this is the stuff that will change up the bold text, links, etc etc.<-

Fancier Html (aka, JAVA)
add 1gd to the cost of html.
-->java is a pain for me to do. I will learn it at some point but I hate the stuff<--

I am working on learning on flash layouts. I just don't have the programing for it. I have to learn it at school. THUS I can't make those layouts. sucks.

1. open
2. open
3. open

Your Furcadia Name:
Character informaion: Such as... images, references, name, personality so I can cordinate with the page.
Html Type: specify.
PhotoMani: specify. -give me the images-
Image Map: specify. -give me the 'names' of the links to be put on the image-
CSS: specify. I will show you some examples, you just tell me what you want to be changed and how you want it to look.
Fancy: specify.
Anything else you want to specify.

Btw. If you want a "dream site" this will cost you bunch extra. Its a LOT of html. er, well can be.
Just tell me what you want; I will do it.
Also, if you want some HTML help I can help you as well. LIke as if I gave you the site and you want to update something don't be afraid to just ask! I love to help!

Furcadia alts  you can catch me on: Bacon Bits ;; Jannette
Just send a whisper if you want instead of posting here

Portspaces are loved too!
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Re: Websites. (3-10GD)
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Re: Websites. (3-10GD)
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people buy her websites

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Re: Websites. (3-10GD)
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bump. bump. bumpitup