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Author Topic: Gallery Upgrade  (Read 1168 times)

Offline Narnia

Gallery Upgrade
«: September 20, 2008, 09:53:36 AM»
SMF Gallery Pro 1.4 Released (I bolded a few key features for you!)

Major changes and features since SMF Gallery 1.3:
+Added simple slideshow feature. Starts at the current picture and does up to 50 next images in the category.
+Added RSS feeds for main gallery categories controlled by a setting
+Added setting to control the number of bulk upload fields
+Added an unviewed images tab to the gallery. Where you can view images that your account has not viewed yet. Admin’s can also see who viewed what picture
+Added spam protection for comments and picture adding and now checks for duplicate form submissions.
+Added builtin support for lightbox. Option to use Highslide, lightbox or neither
+Improved the comment display under view picture to include more information on the commenter
+Added Blocks for User Galleries. Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Top Rated
+Added option to use total point totals
+Added sorting options for categories in user galleries
+Added EXIF support which allows you to get information from images taken with cameras. It is a setting that can be enabled and you can customize what EXIF information you wish to show on the view picture page.
!Fixed a bug that showed thumbnails on blocks were users did not have any access to
!Fixed issue with headers for some pages that had custom html_headers all ready set such as tp shoutbox.
+Added option on import pictures to delete the original file on successful import
+Added setting to generate a medium size image
+Added setting to flag images as mature/adult content
+Added settings to disable user gallery passwords and private galleries
+Added locking of categories to disable new uploads and editing of uploaded files
+Added a setting to require a comment for ratings. Also if enabled shows the rating next to the comment date
+Added a setting to count only views on image only once per session
+Updated Gallery layout on many of the pages.
+Added under settings the current version of the gallery and checks to make sure it has the latest version.
!Fixed a bug when importing files via import function or bulk ftp function did not escape the filename
!Fixed a bug which allow create a category and set the parent to be the member's gallery
!Fixed a bug with gallery category totals when moving a picture from a user gallery to the main gallery and vice versa
!Removed old SMF 1.0.x functions
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Offline Mauser

Re: Gallery Upgrade
«Reply #1: September 20, 2008, 10:06:35 AM»
what a wonderful update! it's nice to see all of these new features, and i can't wait to utilize them.

Offline Sealeo

Re: Gallery Upgrade
«Reply #2: September 21, 2008, 12:37:59 AM»
Yes, I'm so glad. :D