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Author Topic: Straight from the Wolf's Mouth  (Read 717 times)

Offline Kono

Straight from the Wolf's Mouth
«: September 20, 2008, 08:02:43 PM»
People I've Worked for:
Wild Silver Moon  -- Paid promptly, didn't ask about the portrait or bother me. Is now actually one of my staffers at TRoC. I <3 her.

Lugia Uchiha -- Veeeerrrry patient, and I love her for it.

Storm Tundra -- Made her a website, complete with music of her choice. She handed over an alt I thought a friend would like(yup, worked for her just to get a gift for someone else <3)

Amaya -- Entire process took about a day. She was quick, and told me what she doing as she went.
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