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Author Topic: Redoing almost ALL of my prices--this is a big honking thread. Halp please? :3  (Read 904 times)

Offline Heimdall

Okay all! I'm working on my new commission website and I'm doing another revamp of my prices. Some of my prices I'm happy with and others I'm not--but I'm all ears for your input! :3

This is a long, meaty thread. So very meaty. I take commissions for pretty much everything, and I'm asking for input on ALL my prices, so... yah, it'll be big. I'm mostly looking for price input on patches, so if this is tldr, just look at that. Thank ye kindly!

Note: I reference my Roamheart patches a bunch. The link to them is here: http://archive.roamheart.com/?p=3&sort=date_desc&search=1&search_title=&search_author=kain%20ragnorok

My dA gallery has more examples, though I list a bunch for each category: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com


For the purpose of this thread, "patches" = floors, walls, and objects.

Patches are so varied, I don't even know where to begin with pricing.

Here are some samples of my patching. Please don't take them--thanks!
(A bunch of stuff is animated... whisper me on Kain Ragnorok if you want to see it in-game with the animations! :3)

Northkeep's library:

Northkeep's tavern, the Ponderous Yeti:

The Greatfall in the mountains near the keep:

Dock and ocean patch packs (for sale) (animated to the MAX!):

I also have a few older patches on Roamheart.


How much do you usually charge for these? I had one walkabout commission that I charged $25 for, but it was a (heavy) edit on one of my older walkabouts. Here are the prices on my commission website:

Walkabout: 20 to 35 USD
The base price for a patch. The southwest and northwest poses are drawn, then flipped to get the southeast and northeast poses. All four laying poses may be drawn separately, or flipped, depending on the patch. The price is higher for more detail and larger art.

+ Non-Flipped Poses: 20 USD
An optional cost. To understand what I mean, look at the feline or canine player. The southeast-facing pose isn't just mirrored from the southwest-facing pose--it's shaded separately. That kind of doubles the work. (Ursines, for example, are just flipped, so you can compare them to the canine.) If you don't want to pay this extra 20 USD, then the poses will be flipped (though the shadows will be adjusted appropriately.)

+ Portraits and Tags: 25 to 30 USD
Add portraits and specitags (the little tags next to your name in the textbox). 25 USD for two genders, 30 USD for all three.

+ Animation: individual basis
If you want animated avatars, we'll see if we can work something out. Chances are, it'll be a large chunk of change.

Does that sound fair? I don't think I'm all that great at avatars, but they're a lot of work and they're not my favorite thing in the world, so I made them a bit expensive.

Here are some samples of my avatars:

v.5 Hyoomans (for sale):

German shepherds (downloadable on Roamheart):

Monks (downloadable on Roamheart):

I have a couple older hyooman patches on Roamheart, too. But they're kind of eyesores so I won't post 'em directly.


My ports are currently $15 for remappable and $20 for nonremappable. (I'm thinking about bringing the nonremap price down to $15 too, though.) I like this price, but in the past few months I've only had like three commissions, so I'm wondering if it's too high.

Examples (oldest to newest):


I only get a couple dream commissions and I'm wondering if this price is too high, though it feels right.

Dreams: 15 to 35 USD
This is a basic dream with no custom patching and only very basic Dragonspeak. The larger and more complex the dream, the more expensive.

+ Patching: + 5 USD
This cost covers any patches you want me to put into the dream. Even if you find the patch yourself and give it to me to use, I still charge, because I'll go out of my way and ask the artist/look for the downloadable patch file to see if I'm allowed to include them in a commission. (Sorry, I don't like it when my patches get given out when I don't want them to be, so I wouldn't do it to anyone else.) The 5 USD cost covers this as well as some custom items (for example, I do a set of recolored basic items to fit with the dream's color scheme, add a couple statues, etc.).

+ Complex DS: + 5 to 20 USD
This cost covers DS more complicated than just the simple things (like room teleports). Weather DS, sounds, rides, little games, and so on.

Here are some pics of my dreams:

Character Art

Base Price: 10 to 15 USD
This is a full-body image of one character in a simple standing pose. It is colored lineart with no background. The variance in price depends on the complexity of the character.

+ Simple Shading: +5 USD per character
Add simple shading to the character. "Simple" means one fairly ambiguous light source. (Complex shading would involve firelight, or glowing amulets, or something like that.)

+ Background: +5 to 35 USD
Add a background. Ranging from least detail to most. Low-detail backgrounds will have just a couple features and no shading. High-detail backgrounds involve a full scene, fully shaded. Needless to say, this is decided on a case by case basis!

+ Other Characters: +5 to 15 USD each
Add multiple figures in the drawing. The more detail, the higher the cost, like the original lineart. Sometimes, if I deem another character to be fairly small or simplistic, I can add it for free.

+ Dynamic Pose: +2 to 15 USD
Add dynamics to the pose of the character. Normally character art just features a simple standing pose, like a reference sheet. A dynamic pose adds movement or unusuality to the pose. Examples include running, fighting, dancing, sitting, laying, etc. (Dynamic poses are more difficult to do, which is why the cost is higher.)

Examples in no particular order:
http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/art/Nafretiri-68393820 (exposed boobies)


Offline Kratos

patches - i.. i dont know. ]: maybe ill come back for that later.

avatars - honestly? i actually really like your avatars! i think your shading may be a little TOO dramatic in some areas like with shadows, but its understandable because of certain colors in the furcadia palette being in a pain in the ass to make look right. i think your prices are fine, but i'm not so sure about adding another $20 onto the price for non-flipped.  i know it's more work, but based on what you said, you only mean in shading. if by non-flipped you mean entirely redrawn... then i guess another $15-$20 is suitable. if it's JUST shading, i honestly think that price should be lowered quite a bit.

portraits - as with above, i think your shading is too dramatic.  i also sort of dislike the way you shade hair - it looks very messy, and not in a messy hairstyle way.  i like some of your portrait lines, and some of them i don't.  i personally would not pay $15 for a portrait from you - maybe $8-$12.

dreams - your prices are fine. your dreamweaving is BEAUTIFUL - i love the medieval one, it makes me want to make a dream like that for my bf because i know how much he loves medieval things, castles, etc.. but i lack the motivation. ]:

character art - hm. theres a few things that bother me, so i personally would not follow your prices.  i dislike the way you draw faces sometimes - i know that it's probably all just a style thing, but it's.. just not something i'm fond of, i guess. in the nafretiri picture, her head is a flat simple profile view, which is.. understandable from the pose.. but where's the depth?? it looks very flat and strange to me (not shading, the lines). i do like your anatomy besides heads, although proportions seem a little strange sometimes. some parts seem too short or long.  and how do you shade in photoshop/whatever program you use? it looks like you use burn/dodge/blur, but i might be wrong. please don't take offense - if you use those tools, you should pry yourself away from them.  overall, i'm not sure on how i would price your character art. i just know that i would NOT pay the prices you currently have.

(please take no offense to any of this. #SK i am a very very picky person so im sure somebody will dispute things that i have said)

Offline Heimdall

Thanks for the input! I don't use burn and dodge except for adding some quick overarching sweeps at the end, and only sometimes. None of the art there features that. I sometimes use multiply and screen brush/layer options.



i love your patches, so much. expecially the rocky place!
pen basically said the others, but i personally wouldn't give less than 50$ for a full item set of yours(100 items)