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Author Topic: price me i guess lol  (Read 730 times)

Offline Mez

price me i guess lol
«: October 09, 2008, 03:46:55 PM»
ok so i've never really done this before and i'm kind of iffy because i get offended really easily and i dont want to end up going off on someone for their opinion BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST

current prices areee
lineart: 4 dragon scales, 5 depending on how complex your character design is
general port: 8 dragon scales
chibiish port: 5 dragon scales
chibiish port lineart: 3 dragon scale
yay copypasta

and some examples are

annnd there are more at http://mezzums.deviantart.com/gallery/#Furcadia-Stuff i just didnt feel like linking tons of them or making them into the img thing YEAH

and i noticed my style and quality kind of changes from port to port so.. lol idk
annnnnnnd i know i suck at shading fdjlkgalkjfd
also i guess crits are welcome? i'll try not to go off on anyone lol


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Re: price me i guess lol
«Reply #1: October 09, 2008, 08:52:35 PM»
your shading doesn't suck, but it does bug me a little.
i love the port you did for lu, shading and all btw.

i think you need to work on your hair shading a bit. i can see you getting pieces and strands in for shape, but its SORT OF pillow shaded (hard to explain what im thinking here), and i think it needs more contrast?? i can show you what i mean sometime when i'm not about to go and gorge on food after not eating for hours and hours. #SQ

the shoulder on the bottom regular shaded example REALLY bothers me. i don't see why there should be shadow there, i guess? also, showing a bit of muscle definition in the arms would, imo, be helpful and nice. just don't draw shadows between the highlighted muscle parts, or it'll look like bazooka man arms. which, of course, is okay if you're shading arms like that. but not in a skinny chick port.

i loveeeeee them. ill admit that i think you could up your prices a little bit on regular lines, even though i want moar and shouldn't be mentioning it because it doesn't benefit me...... lol.

Offline Lovedoll

Re: price me i guess lol
«Reply #2: October 10, 2008, 08:31:43 AM»
I think you could easily ask 10-15GD for a regular port. You do have some minor flaws with anatomy and shading, but your overall quality is definitely worth more than you charge right now.

I think what Pene means with the hair is that everything is clumped together a lot. I like Lu's port most because of how you paid attention to each strand of hair separately and have some sticking out, whereas in the other two ports it looks like a uniform mop. If you do hair like in the Lu port it will look a lot more natural. If the hair is just one clump it quickly looks like a stiff wig. The middle lineart is a good example of how it can look a lot more natural in shape.

So yeah, I still think you'd be okay to charge more :3

Offline Mez

Re: price me i guess lol
«Reply #3: October 10, 2008, 01:43:30 PM»
@ pene: your comment made me giggle and i get what you're talking about with the shoulder. i'm always like flkgjs with shading because i have no idea how things get shadowed but what you told me helped a lot and i will def take that shading advice #SR
@ starri: tyy for explaining what pene said because i'm a loser and have no idea what pillow shading is lol. BUT I GET IT NOW I THINK and i agree that it does look better when you can see each strand so i will try to do that from now onnnnnnn
TY BOTH AGAIN you are helping me improveee #SO