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Author Topic: Star's Reviews  (Read 703 times)

Offline Starlit Moon

Star's Reviews
«: October 19, 2008, 07:34:29 AM»
KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A WIP TYPE POST HERE! (lol... whatever >.<) More to come soon!

Runetta Reborn/HalfPain - Ah! Her work is absolutely gorgeous and she's so easy to get in contact with! She's nearly almost always (if not, always always) on Furc, and she is fantastic with commissions! Her work is very fairly priced and you will NOT regret commissioning her. She's fabulous! Really nice and fun to talk to, as well.

MissB - M'kay. I happened to be her first commission ever, how she started commissions. Her work is very well done, fairly priced, and she is so nice and fun to work with. She takes details and styles really well, and had no problem at all with my portrait commission. Absolutely fantastic!

Sync/Sana - I got a free portrait from her as a gift from 'The Giving Tree' thread on the Furcadia Forums! I understand it took her a while, but I was not paying her for it, and she had other things to do, so I don't really care about the wait. When I got to see the portrait, it was beautiful, and I loved it! Fantastic work, and beautiful shading. This girl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And so easy to contact! Love her work  :D

WIP on this thread!!