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Author Topic: ok lol  (Read 761 times)


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ok lol
«: October 24, 2008, 12:17:24 AM»
no idea how often i'll update, and i know i'll forget a lot of people over the years.
/goldfish brain
just post if i forgot you.

people who commissioned me:

rooke/noah- great commissioner, gave all the details and paid when they said they would. ilu

tortouga - really relaxed and all that jazz. was perfect through the whole thing.

mamber (on DA) - i can't really be upset, cause she game me fair warning before it was even complete, but after being shown the WIP she gave a simple 'sorry, but i'm backing out of this' note, and that was that. like i said, i can't be upset by it because i understand things come up, and i know they come up with me too. honestly, she seems like a really good and reliable person. and even so, i sold the port very quickly as a premade for as much as i charge per port, so it was all gravy.

mod/atreau - ok, this doesn't really count, but i do her so many port-trades it really should. she's a great commissioner and commissionee. ^3^

kittel - commissioned my ass a long time ago. i was doing a two for one deal, did one, never did the other, so i let him have the only one i made for free. he's a good guy, and working with him is pretty cool.

slipknot (on FAM)/alex - did him a port for his old alt, conjure, back when he still owned it. was receptive and loved it, even if it was a little rushed (he really wanted it, lol)

gaz - omg i swear girl if you don't stop losing that fsh file... )< lol, j/k. ec was seriously fun to port, and i think it's still one of my best ports to date. lavlavlav~

sibsy - lol, i did a port for baphomet while i was visiting my GF for like, a month and sibs was sooo patient. ilu.

usagi - ok not really a commission buuuuut, i did this art like years ago for one of her alts for a contest. i won second, and to this day haven't been paid the 30GD. i did pursue it for a while, but things kept coming up and i didn't know about this community and now i just don't know, lol. i'm sure she's reliable and all, but eh.

people i've commissioned:

pyro - i love this dude's art, no fucking lie. he took a little fire to get it started, but the product was so amazing it was worth the wait.

jpak - i love her art too. so much. i've bought... i think 4 ports or so from her, and every single time she turns them out so fast and epic it hurts (in a good way).

dwy - yeeesss, her art. so good. i want to eat it and gain the skill she has. i've commissioned her twice, (and bought another alt with a port of hers on it pretty much just for that port) and if i was made of money i would make her my art-slave. always fast and awesome.

warcall/coffin (on DA) - i've never had the pleasure of actually commissioning her, but i bought lineart from her and it was soooo awesome. quick transaction, etc. still one of the best ports on that alt b/c her lineart is so hot.

mutt/gamer - commissioned them for a couple things for my alt, Requiem. one was a port, the other was a little sprite, and both are still in use today. both were done super quick and look absolutely amazing. it's a shame they apparently don't do art any more. i cry.

krr/poi - bought a port from her for the alt Antichrist back when i still owned it. it was quick and painless, and i wish she'd take more commissions than she does these days so i could sneak another one in there.