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Author Topic: Halp  (Read 673 times)

Offline Gwen Stacy

«: October 25, 2008, 10:29:05 PM»

(Things missing are mouth. I can't draw them c: )
Anatomy wrong?

Shaded lazily;

Shading = Failure, I tend to get VERY impatient and start scratching everywhere. I did this with the hair, the clothes, and the fur sadface.

I do very well with personal classes over msn or such, because I have learned how to draw feral that way. I am very impatient with tutorials and tend to skip each one if it's not hands-on-type of thing.

As of now; how does it look? The anatomy.. Anything wrong?
What pricing would this go for when it's flat coloured or semi-shaded, or simply outlined. (Lightly really light shading.)
I don't think im going to comissions right now. i still have lessons to go through such as the shading. But if I did a premade, and etc.

Please please please post some very helpful tutorials that helped you a lot or if you would like to help me with some lessons HIT ME UP. Usually light sources tutorial helps me but I tend to get very lazy while shading. Suggestions can help haha c:

Criticize as much as you can.


Offline La-la

Re: Halp
«Reply #1: October 26, 2008, 09:33:06 AM»
her left hand could definitely use some work. don't forget that our hands have palms, our fingers don't just connect to our wrists. also, where her hair parts looks like it's a little far up,you shouldn't be able to see scalp. she also looks a little cross eyed.
Shading = Failure, I tend to get VERY impatient and start scratching everywhere.

that's not going to get you anywhere. here's some good shading tutorials.



shading is definitely one of the most important things in portrait art. just scribbling won't get you anywhere. and let me say, you have to be EXTREMELY patient to do do pixel art.

Offline nuy

Re: Halp
«Reply #2: October 26, 2008, 12:05:13 PM»
i think her arm needs the most work. if her fingers are positioned like that, either you shouldn't see most of the arm because it's cut off from the edge of the port orr you will see more of the upper arm than lower. depends on the angle you want the arm to be. try posing in front of a mirror. that always helps me. :) and i think the arm is too uniform in shape. it should get thinner towards the wrist.

for the face, i'd say the lips are slightly off-center. and i don't know what kind of expression you're going for so i can't help you further.

with shading, i think the tutorials that la-la posted are very good.