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Offline Aries

Please see status list on page 10
Update :
Please read carefully;

First, I must say how thrilling it is to get so many applicants. I'm really excited to see the work everyone will do! Try your best!
I'm changing the format just a bit though. Given that Christmas may conflict with many people getting their draw-fors out to the person on such a date, I'm asking that, when you are done with the portrait, NAME it the draw-fors Character name. From there, please send a copy of the .fox or .fsh file to [email protected] I plan on making a 'quilt' of who drew for who, so we can all see the wonderful works! They will be, if the portrait was done in re-map capability, screen-shot and loaded in the character's color in jpg format.  I'm not terribly worried about theft at that point, since over 80 people will know who the art was drawn for! I also plan on displaying it on VincaWorks' deviantart page. You will still need to send the 'original' file to your person, but only on the 25-31. If you can't get on to send it, please note so when you send me the file so I can forward it to the  user for you. If, for some reason, you can't finish it in time (which was against the rules to begin with) please let your draw-for know and get it done asap.

simple breakdown:

Draw your draw-for person, their number will be noted to you. (please also read and follow the instructions included in the note)
Send once done (at any time between now and the 31st), send a copy of the portrait (fsh/fox) file to [email protected]
December 25-31 send your portrait to your person! (If you have it done and can't send it, let me know in the e-mail to [email protected], and I'll forward it for you)
December 25-31 I'll put up a 'quilt/collage' of screen-caped (character-color specific) portraits
December 25 - a list of who-drew-for-whom will be released in conjunction with the portrait collage. I'll upload the completed collage on www.VincaWorks.deviantar t.com once all are received.

I'm sure everyone is excited to see what you all do!

- Dec 2, 2008 Update

*All match-ups have been sent out. If you didn't receive your draw-for number, please let me know!

PS. The list below is by artist alias and their character name, not their forum name. You can use your 'find' function (ctrl+f) if your browser supports it, but the numbers are in order of sign-up so it should be fairly easy to locate your person!

I have x-posted this to the Furcadia Forums as well. Rei-Jin is announcing it! Plus I'm going to see if I can get Brandi to advert it on AFR ;) causesheowesme<3

I'M HOSTING THIS ON FAZ, THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER! IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU COULD SIGN UP, BUT IF FOR SOME REASON YOU CAN'T OR HAVE OTHER EXISTING ISSUES, BUT STILL WANT TO SIGN-UP, PLEASE NOTE ME ON DEVIANTART (www.darktoki.deviantart) WITH YOUR ENTRY FORM AND I'LL PUT IT UP FOR YOU.  this is an equal-opportunity art contest. So long as you can port, you should be able to enter! If you still can't get DA to work, try whispering me in-game (Aries), or sending it to me on FAM. You could send it to the VincaWorks e-mail provided below, but please let me know somehow that you've sent your application, because I don't check e-mail that often. Thank you!


No, this isn't truly a contest. It's an exchange. Everyone recognizes what Secret Santa is - but in case you don't, here is the quick premise:

Secret Santa is when a bunch of names are put into a hat, then you secretly get the name you pulled a gift. However, for this one, you would draw the other person's character that you get as a 95x95 (remap optional) portrait.

Seems simple right?


How it works/rules:

This is a PORTRAIT EXCHANGE. 95x95 pixel portraits. The preference is most likely remap, but non-remap may be acceptable in certain cases. The form you will fill out will have your preference as to what you will receive. Please note this is an art exchange, and that getting a space to upload the work you receive is your responsibility.

ANY LEVEL ARTIST can participate, so long as they know how to do portrait work! If you are on FAZ, or look to enter, I'd hope you'd  know what remap and non-remap means, pixel portrait size and the other technicalities like how to use the .fsh editor if needed!

If you are interested,  sign up using the form you'll find below. Post the information in the form of a reply please! If you don't have an FAZ account, please to get one. I may offer other ways of entry through my personal journal announcement.

SERIOUS ENTRANTS ONLY. Please only enter if you are serious and are able to complete your entry by December 25th. Names will be pulled on December 1st, this gives you around a month to decide (from the date I post this) if you can commit. No one likes entering then finding out someone else didn't hold up their end and they get jipped!

The name of the person and their character info will be sent to you depending on what contact you've got on your form.
Please do not tell the person you got that you got them. These are surprises!  You can post your gift/entry to them on December 25th! The official list will be released then as well for public view, so everyone knows if you didn't hold up on your end.  ;D

DO NOT GET SOUR OVER THIS. Many may enter, some may still be beginners. It's all luck of the draw on who you will get and who will receive you. No switching, no exceptions. No one should know who got them anyway  until the 25th, anyway. It's sad but true, I don't want to see anyone complaining about who got them if they aren't up to 'your standards' or 'your level'. REMEMBER THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR FUN!

DO HONEST WORK. Don't half-ass it! No one likes to get a lame gift! Try your best and it will always be appreciated <3

There may be a few modifications to these rules, but these are the basics of it!

The quick time-line/rundown:

November 2, form applications/entrants open!
December 1, applications/entrants closed!
December 1, names pulled at random to match up around 6:30 fst
* no other applications will be accepted after the 1st. No excuses. You had around a month to apply!
December 1, name of person you get to port will be mailed to you
December 25-31, All port works should be done. Christmas, post your person's portrait!/send it to them!
December 25, the name list of who-got-whom will be released.
*I hope the work will be uploaded (after/on the 25th of course) on your galleries either here or DA and such so they can be linked and shown off! Everyone likes to see!

note: if you want to participate but will be gone over the holidays, but know you can finish your entry BEFORE you leave (aka the time between the 1st and the 25th), feel free to enter, but please note that you will be gone. You can send the .fsh/.fox file to me at [email protected] and I'll be sure to give it to that person at that time.



Please only pick one of your original characters. It's fine if they are 'inspired by' but no one wants to draw a character that isn't original or from some anime! If you decide to change the character at the last minute, you  may do so by editing your post, but please do not edit or change anything after December 1st! This may confuse the artist that may get you!

Furcadia Character Name: (self-explanatory)
Remap or Non-Remap?: (your pref, if it is possible for the other person to do; remap, non-remap, partial remap (specify))
Color String: (located in your character's .ini file, needed to test the colors in remap ports. See below for written colors)
Gender: (male/female/unable to tell.. tomboy, pretty boy..)
Age: (1+1 =?)
Species: (feline, canine, humanoid, ferian leonin... mix of...)
Anthro or Ferian?: (are they a furre, or do they walk on four paws, just in case this isn't explained by 'species')
Traits: (Anything unusual about them?)
Markings: (stripes, spots, where?)
Clothing: (Pretty pink dress!)
Extras: (earrings, jewelry, tattoos, scars, feather wings, bat wings...)
Expression: (smiling, crying, angry, indifferent...)

Where are they found most commonly? (not dreams, but settings, such as a forest, pub, mountains.. to give ideas for possible backgrounds)
Notes: (anything extra to add/description)
References: (links to images of what they may look like/their species, or pre-existing work you have drawn or commissioned of the character! if applicable) ** PLEASE try to link these rather than image pasted. I don't mind if they are displayed here, but it will cut down on the spam/scroll space for now. Thanks! **
Site: (if applicable)
Contact Info:(E-mail where the portrait can be sent to or where you can be noted to get the info from, what name can be whispered on Furcadia...)
What is your artist alias? (Who are you otherwise? ;) )
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? (So we can all see your work! ;) )

(optional fill-out. Helps if your port is not re-map and if colors aren't specified/displayed previously in site/notes/refs)


Have any questions? Comments? Possible oversights? feel free to ask and I'll amend the post if needed!

Hey Ala, aren't you running another contest? Y Yes I AMS! However it is an ongoing thing with no current deadline, thus I don't feel bad simply running/moderating this one! If you are interested in my other contest, go here to read more: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=1435.0


SIGNED UP  - 83!!
(artist + their character's name)

1) Storez with Gorgoroth
2) Lobsel Vith with Viji
3) Smidgen with Smidgen
4) Hays with Hays
5) Biopsy with Biopsy
6) Trex with Trex
7) Sync with Sylph
8.) Shruu with Fall
9) Safiye with Aria Zauviir
10) Lu with Luiza
11) Jenni with Jenni
12) Mina-chan with Mina-chan
13) Gaz with Gaz
14) Markie (Burb) with Markie
15) Majas with Sco
16) Lisa with Beep
17) Remus with Remus
18) Noah/Tycho with Noah
19) Dr. Pixel with Kristian
20) Rikarai/doorstopdamage with Nitemare
21) Aeva with Aeva
22) Felorah with Anevay
23) Mythi with Angey
24) Zim with Link
25) Tiani with Tiani
26) Lycanian/Desade with Thallis Desade
27) Farren with Farren Dustfur
28) ToasterPip with Wyllo Taleweaver
29) Fuhnora with Fuhnora
30) Dask with Dask
31) Noccy with Bowmann
32) Dwy with Sedde
33) Alexandra with Arachnia
34) Tolita with Tenely Britta
35) Kisco with Allee
36) Girl In Eyeliner with Ghoast
37) Effira with Idaris
38) Technecolor with Technecolor
39) Jocose with Jocose
40) Flutters with Flutters
41) Reigne Wolvenshire with Reigne Wolvenshire
42) Hell with Hell's Offspring
43) Saisashi with Comet
44) Elmazi with Elmazi
45) Apologies with Apologies
46) Dezzeh with Kiyana Mikaki Taishou
47) Tezza the Fox with Tezza
48) Guargirl with Alica
49) Moosehoof with Dakota Knights
50) Kahori with Kahori
51) Anarchy with Pariah
52) Sword with Loser
53) Katsuu with Briggs
54) Waterfox with Waterfox
55) Respergo with Catacol
56) Sonnie with Sonnie
57) Synaesthesia with Synaesthesia
58) Mewgal with Toast
59) Tophat with Tophat
60) Jadyn with Nicia
61) D. with Thomart
62) Trean with Yogurt
63) Storm with Xross
64) Archery with Merdoc
*) Elle with Boston
65) Violet with Charlie
66) Adrina with Adrina
67) Am'God with Am'God
68) Heli with Maw
69) Skye with Machiavellism
70) Kay with Kay
71) Jenn with Lottella
72) Smudge with Lost Rose
73) Jones with Jones
74) Rawr with Rawr
75) Cislunar with Cislunar
76) Barbosa with Barbosa
77) Multicolour with Multicolour
78) Passerby with Mishandlements
79) Kuwa with Kuwa
80) Faeliteas with Faeliteas
81) Affodell with Rushida
82) Sparkz with Sparkz
83) Alabaster Sea with Aries

Update:  send portraits to [email protected] they will be remapped and screen capped for a 'quilt' so everyone can see what everyone else did! the portraits will be kept most likely a week after the first before they are deleted and all emails regarding it from my computer. If your portrait was done and you haven't received it by the 1st from your person, I can send it to you, so long as  you verify who you are. This helps the confusion of keeping track of 'i may or may not be about' on the 25-1st.

the following are turned in ports in a pretty pic. Fairly self explanatory! :)


Anyone that is not yet on the list, I'm contacting your person in the next several days  to also inquire. I know some have forgot/been delayed.

if your port is up there and you have made honest attempt to contact your person with no succsess, please PM me. I may have a copy of the fox/fsh file available.

Warning:   At the end of the week I will dump any copies I have.

X's mean I accidentally gave more than one person to another, so I'll be contacting the two with X's shortly regarding the matter. I don't want you to feel left out!

not up yet/delayed:
Tophat to Bowmann - delayed
Idaris to  Kay  - delayed
Jocose to Link - delayed

Send your portraits to your person 25th-1st! If your person has not sent you your port and it is in the collage, please let me know and I'll try to get you a copy of what I have! (this includes those that said 'please send to my person, I will not be here' Unfortunately I've lost track D:!)

need color string = for some reason the color strong (provided or not) does not function correctly
need fox file = file sent is not the right type for whatever reason (does not apply to remap or those screencapped correctly)

I'm so proud of everyone that got done and turned in on time. Those that are a touch late, I look forward to seeing your fantastic work as well. Great job!
Although this was a lot more time consuming than I thought ;) If I host next year, I'll be more prepared.
Happy Holidays, everyone!
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From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.


Offline Surplus

«Reply #1: November 02, 2008, 04:50:07 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Gorgoroth
Remap or Non-Remap?: doesnt matter
Color String: t#%+=#%;<;=$&#
Gender: male
Age: idk. 19?
Species: Canine
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: uh. long wavy hair, corpse paint, you know... metal.
Markings: look to ref.
Clothing: coat or wife beater with spiked gauntlets
Extras: upside down cross necklace
Expression: serious.
Likes: metal.
Dislikes: anything normal, i'm sure.
Where are they found most commonly? snow, forest.
Notes: ---
References: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7086
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/gurguroth/
Contact Info:
Furc: Gorgoroth/Clap
AIM: struckwithpanic
What is your artist alias? storez
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located?
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Offline Lobsel Vith

«Reply #2: November 02, 2008, 04:52:43 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Viji
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t$84&.<,>@;$%#
Gender: Pretty boy
Age: 16
Species: Feline/snow leopard
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: Is a prissy spolied brat.
Markings: see picture
Clothing: whatever is expencive
Extras: see picture
Expression: Whatever the artist wants to do
Likes: Milk, Fish, standard spoiled kitty things.
Dislikes: dogs, getting wet, kids with sticky hands D:
Where are they found most commonly? In a mansion or in the garden
Notes: none
References: http://lobsel.re-animator.net/viji/pictures.html
Site: http://lobsel.re-animator.net/viji/
Contact Info: [email protected] or whisper Lobsel Vith

(optional fill-out. Helps if your port is not re-map and if colors aren't specified/displayed previously in site/notes/refs)
Eyes: eyes
Fur: the light blue on fur
Markings: the white on fur
Vest: na
Bracers: the dark blue on fur
Badge:crecent pendant
NOTE: inside ears are non remap pink
They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious.

Offline sarragh

«Reply #3: November 02, 2008, 05:01:45 PM»
I'd love to enter. Shouldn't we be PMing you? I think it's more interesting anonymous.

EDIT: Good point!

EDITEDIT: Character change.

Furcadia Character Name: Smidgen
Remap or Non-Remap?: Either
Color String: t:##76;#:;;%&#
Gender: Female.
Age: 20.
Species: Hyena. A chick with a dick.
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro.
Traits: Mohawk and pony tail. Note: The sides of the mohawk are shaved.
Markings: Spots.
Clothing: Punk-gothy things. Have fun with it.
Extras: Rainbow jewelry, non-remap.
Expression: Bad to the ass.
Where are they found most commonly? Doesn't matter.
Notes: She has painted on, high arched eyebrows. Large fake eyelashes.
References: http://i18.piczo.com/view/4/k/l/f/8/x/6/4/8/7/i/h/img/i325822030_88993_5.png
http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p313/fluffy_love/lala/La_la_and_Smidge___commission_by-1.png best for body type.
http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p313/fluffy_love/lala/764_14_07_08_5_12_39-1.png on right
http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p313/fluffy_love/lala/kisysketch-1.png on left. SHAVED HEAD K?
Contact Info: [email protected], Smidgen on Furc - or Betelgeuse or Miss Monster
What is your artist alias? Smidgen
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? bagworm.deviantart.com
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Offline Aries

«Reply #4: November 02, 2008, 05:07:24 PM»
Mnnn, maybe, but I think it may be encouraging because people can at least see who is participating and choose to participate themselves. (that plus my organizational skills ROCK D: D: D: )  I hope it would be a positive of 'oh so-and-so is participating?! I love their work, I'll enter too!' rather than 'while I like this person that is entering, I might not get them, so I'm not going to bother..'

Who you get though, is definitely a secret you need to keep ;) (and who got you better keep their mouth shut till it's time! haha!)

Maybe the next time about ? I didn't much think of it to begin with. GO ME!

that plus I think its a whole lot more helpful when people can edit their applications rather than  being 'oh btw.. oh wait.. oh i need to change... ps i want it to be this character instead...'
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From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

Offline Hays

«Reply #5: November 02, 2008, 05:25:19 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Hays
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t::L)::5:::$&#
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Species: Canine ( Husky x Silver Labrador)
Anthro or Ferian?: Feral / Canine
Traits: N/A
Markings: None. He is completely gray from head to toe :o
Clothing: None.
Extras: Wears a brown leather collar with a gold nametag
Expression: Anything C:
Likes: His ball Jim, Bread crusts, his owner rishelle, the snow, etc.
Dislikes: Being alone, Hot weather, etc.
Where are they found most commonly? Cold snowy places
Notes: He is quite realistic, so don't make him dancing or something. lol
References: http://fc74.deviantart.com/fs32/f/2008/215/7/b/OOC_info_by_Haysies.png, http://fc32.deviantart.com/fs30/f/2008/169/7/6/Hays_Reference_by_Haysies.png, http://fc80.deviantart.com/fs35/f/2008/239/f/6/Hays___Jim_by_Medalist.jpg <---The ball is Jim
Site: Nope
act Info: http://haysies.deviantart.com/ (Note me on there), Whisper me on furcadia on either Hays or Diss, email at [email protected]
What is your artist alias? Just Hays or Diss
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://haysies.deviantart.com/
(optional fill-out. Helps if your port is not re-map and if colors aren't specified/displayed previously in site/notes/refs)
Eyes: Remap to eyes
Hair: N/A
Fur: Remaps to fur
Markings: N/A
Vest: N/A
Cape: N/A
Trousers: N/A
Bracers: Remaps to Collar
Boots: N/A
Badge: N/A
Collar tag is non-remappable
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Offline Aries

«Reply #6: November 02, 2008, 05:33:37 PM»
Posted for Biopsy (note: cause she can't get the login to work on these forums):

Furcadia Character Name: Biopsy
Remap or Non-Remap?: Partial Remap- clothes, fur or random tidbits like accessories can be non remap
Color String: t%12'*(;;:*#&#

Gender: womans
Age: 21
Species: looks like a rhino mixed with fluffy animals
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro

Traits: She has a singular horn on her nose, and upraised markings that are like calcium/bone. Hair can either be striped or fading.
Markings: Fingers, backs of ears. Upraised, markings that look like bones

Things I cannot explain; http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b295/Hoodine/beebeecothes.jpg
Things I can explain; Skinny Jeans, low wasted pedal pushers, Bikini tops, rings, toe rings, leopard print balletflats, Flowers in her hair

Extras: Has a half sleeve on her left arm that morphs in to a half chest piece that is over her heart. The arm piece is usually like a creepy tree with a night sky that has a moon and the chest piece are usually flowers with a realistic heart over her left breast. On her foot she has little bats in white. Tips of her ears have spiked industrials, and her ears are stretched usually filled with some sort of organic earring.

Expression: Grinning or Smirking
Likes: Tattoos, Music, Sewing, Tea, Hookah, Organic/Green things, Dreads, Ethnic things.
Dislikes: Vegans, self-proclaimed bad-asses, the smell of sterilizer, Being dirty.
Where are they found most commonly? Tattoo Parlors.
Notes: (anything extra to add/description)
References: http://hoodie.deviantart.com/gallery/#Bee

Site: http://www.freewebs.com/biopsy/index.htm
Contact Info: [email protected] ; Biopsy
Art site: http://hoodie.deviantart.com/
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

Offline Pumpkin

«Reply #7: November 02, 2008, 05:34:16 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Trex
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap (some parts nonremap)
Color String: t#('6=?2;;<#%#
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Feline (Munchkin)
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: She wears a peacock-like feather..
Markings: See Ref
Clothing: See Ref
Extras: See Ref
Expression: Smiling or flat/indifferent
Likes: Peacock feathers, bells (jingle bells), oversized bows, glass figurines, MARDI GRAS (And it's colors/masks/BEADS)
Dislikes: A lot.
Where are they found most commonly? Parks; woods; anything nature, really.
Notes: Her feather is NONREMAP.
References: http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/TwilightInk/Failures/Trexref.png
Site: None.
Contact Info: Furc: Trex or Ginger. PM here or on FAM, both Trex.
What is your artist alias? Past known as Brea, Gene, or Zoe. Now Trex.
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://pumpkin.deviantart.com (Old http://nanotek-e.deviantart.com), or gallery on here.
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Offline Sync

«Reply #8: November 02, 2008, 05:36:18 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Sylph
Remap or Non-Remap?: whatever's easier....
Color String: t$87(:<,,5<#%#
Gender: female
Age: excellent question sir... idk in her 20s?
Species: anthro dragonfly/dragon
Anthro or Ferian?: anthro
Traits: her eyes are like a dragonfly's
Markings: no markings.
Clothing: she wears a low top(like, imagine jasmine's shirt from aladin except it's white) and a short, wavy skirt with a slit on the right side. she also wears brown boots with blue metal on the toes and three more plates on the front, both boots stopping at the knee. She also wears clawed gauntlets that go up to the shoulder, the claws are blue, the straps are brown, and the metal plates are silver. (lol just look at my refs)
Extras: has wings that start at the should blade and then bend at the back, so the wings are thin and high placed compared to other characters with wings. she has two feather antennae a two furry sideears with feather earrings, and a feather necklace. her tail is also simply one large feather.
Expression: happy and innocent
Where are they found most commonly? flying around in the sky, sitting in high places(tops of trees, mountains, etc), or at koi ponds visiting her sibling.
Notes: please don't draw her wings huge... they're just not. and her hair is wavy(windbound).. yeah.
References: http://fang.deviantart.com/art/just-like-a-flower-s-melody-98888856 (the colors of the gauntlets have changed since this picture), http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=6682 (upper left are sylph's colors), http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7267 (again, upper left are sylph's colors)
Site: none yet.
Contact Info: [email protected], whisper sync, sylph, seiri, or loveless
What is your artist alias? sync, sometimes sana.
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://fang.deviantart.com/

Eyes: none(pleasepleaseplease do not remap her eyes to eyes.)
Hair: her hair.
Fur: her skin
Markings: her wings, ears, earrings, antennae, feather on the necklace, and tail
Vest: the white metal on her armor and her shirt.
Cape: the blue metal on the boots and the claws on her armor.
Trousers: her skirt
Bracers: her eyes
Boots: color of the leather straps on the underside of her gauntlets, main color of boots.
Badge: none.

Offline Spicer

«Reply #9: November 02, 2008, 05:50:16 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Fall
Remap or Non-Remap?: doesnt matter
Color String: t0350#7;@-($'#
Gender: male but giiirly
Age: 17-- turning 18 nov 4th like me lul.
Species: human
Anthro or Ferian?: H U M A N
Traits: girly, cute, bitchy, sexy...flirty
Markings: ...HUMAN GOSH.
Clothing: anything bright and scene.
Extras: a bridge peircing and earpiercings(hidden by hair)
Expression: 100% bitchy
Likes: boys boys boys boys boys boys art boys boys boys boys video games boys boys boys boys girls boys boys gays boys boys boys boys bisexuals boys boys boys boys boys.
Dislikes: homophobes, most likely you.
Where are they found most commonly?: bars, a friend's house, in Ronnie's arms<33
Notes: er.. he is pigeon toed and <3s boys more than girls..? bisexual, if you havent noticed.
http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo268/shruushruu/lesbiansex.jpg  (ronnie and fall... ronnie's the stiched up one. :3
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/imafuckingstar/
Contact Info: email: [email protected]    furc: Fall    DA: Shruu
What is your artist alias?: Shruu
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located?: http://shruu.deviantart.com

Eyes: eyes
Hair: hair
Skin: fur
Markings: eyeshadow(if you want to add, isnt needed)
Vest: shirt
Cape: undershirt
Trousers: skinnyjeans
Bracers: hairclips or other clothing pieces
Boots: shoes, hairclips, and other clothing pieces
Badge: n/a

NOTE::: bridge piercings are NONREMAP silver!!
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Vacation: what if you woke up
Vacation: and you were in falls body
Vacation: LOL
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«Reply #10: November 02, 2008, 05:51:24 PM»
I'd like to participate! I'm entering Safiye's daughter for drawing, because I bet someone can make her look way cuter than I can.

Furcadia Character Name: Aria Zauviir
Remap or Non-Remap?: Whatever you like doing better -- Though since her skin is black, it's likely to turn out better in 24-bit color.
Color String: t%%M-$<<<<<#'#
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly four years old
Species: half-drow (other half human)
Clothing: Her mom always dresses her in white dresses. Usually very expensive looking. Sometimes very expensive jewelry to go with it. Not the sort of things you'd usually trust a young child to keep clean and safe.
Expression: Probably quiet, withdrawn, curious. Possibly a tiny smile.
Likes: Bells. Little tinkly bells on strings are her favorite toy.
Where are they found most commonly?: Very upperclass nursery.
Notes: This is a medieval/early renaissance fantasy character! Please no modern elements in her image.
Furc Description: The four year old girl is delicate, even compared to other children of her age. Elven blood is at work in this one; look at the sensitive hands, the perfect, tiny lips, the pointed ears. Her skin is so dark it is nearly black, and will only be revealed as the dark grey it is when compared side-by-side with obsidian. Dressed all in white gowns, expensively embroidered and festooned, the luster of her skin appears all the more deep. Clear blue eyes shine in her dark face like gems as she explores in silence. More often than not, a flock of nurse maids trail protectively behind her.

Contact Info: safiye at pixelovely dot com
What is your artist alias? Safiye
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? www.furcadia.pixelovely. com

Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: White
Skin: Dark grey; nearly black
Clothing: White
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Offline lu

«Reply #11: November 02, 2008, 06:38:30 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Luiza
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t#%M0/=;;;;#&#
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Canine
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: I don't think so
Markings: Three spots under each eye
Clothing: Usually wears a plain gray dress.. I like people to be creative with her outfits, though, so whoever picks me is free to create a new one, as long as it looks casual/slightly girly
Extras: Silver earring on left ear
Expression: Indifferent, shy or grinning
Likes: Music, fashion, lazing around
Dislikes: Healthy habits.. lol
Where are they found most commonly? city pubs or over at her friends' houses
Notes: shes almost anorexic and a model so no huge tits pls
References: http://devouring.deviantart.com/art/you-are-the-weapon-i-choose-100909413
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/lualts/luiza.htm
Contact Info: [email protected] (my e-mail and msn)
What is your artist alias? Lu
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://devouring.deviantart.com


Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Fur
Markings: Spots under eyes
Vest: Dress (also may use this remap if youre creating an original outfit)
Cape: optional, may use if youre creating an original outfit
Trousers: optional, may use if youre creating an original outfit
Bracers: Fingertips
Boots: Skin under her feet
Badge: Eye shading(optional)

Offline Jenni

«Reply #12: November 02, 2008, 07:13:36 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: jenni
Remap or Non-Remap?: remappable
Color String: t#%A(*:$4;=#%#
Gender: female
Age: undefined; teens/twenties.
Species: feline.
Anthro or Ferian?: anthro.
Traits: nah.
Markings: refer to reference.
Clothing: refer to reference. can vary from a cute top to any nin-related gear.
Extras: refer to reference. (wings..)
Expression: cutesy-adorable~
Likes: nine inch nails..
Dislikes: fuck idk
Where are they found most commonly? the modern world that exists outside of your computer
Notes: i am really lenient and am not to anal if anything is missing. as long as markings and hair is down, i'm okay!
References: main reference yeah left okay
Contact Info: [email protected] (email); jenni (furcadia contact)
What is your artist alias? jenni..
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? coffin

colors are on the reference.

Offline Mala

«Reply #13: November 02, 2008, 07:28:47 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Mina-chan
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap, but non-remap is fine.
Color String:  t#2?=,@++*@#%#
Gender: Female
Age: Teenish years.
Species: Tiger/Cheetah hybrid.
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: Very lazy.
Markings: See ref.
Clothing: See ref.
Extras: Necklace with Yang sign on it.
Expression: Content, sleepy smile.
Likes: Food, sleeping, books, art.
Dislikes: Spiders, the Dark, being alone.
Where are they found most commonly?: Anywhere!
Notes: do whatever you like with her. i really don't care what the background/pose is.
References: 1 2 3 and more here
Site: click. <-- i'll try and put more refs up there once they're made.
Contact Info: PM me here
What is your artist alias?: Mala
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? normal dA port dA or just here on faz.

remap info:

Badge: Right eye
Boots: Necklace string.
Bracer: Stripes, last 'layer' of wings. (green)
Cape: Spots
Eye: Left eye
Fur: Belly, inside of ears, feet, hands first 'layer' of wings. (Anything black on her besides hair/feet should remap to fur.)
Hair: Hair
Marking: Smaller stripes, eyescar.
Trouser: Fur.
Vest: Second 'layer' of wings. (white)

nonremap: Necklace gem, shirt, shorts.
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«Reply #14: November 02, 2008, 07:43:50 PM»
spicer, can't you just link to your refs like everyone else??

Offline Sheikah

«Reply #15: November 02, 2008, 07:52:38 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Gaz
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t-0':@%,5-7#&#
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Bat
Anthro or Ferian?: Ferian
Traits: Incredibly small - shoulder sized, has buck teeth
Markings: Rings around eyes with one swirly corner
Clothing: Striped scarf
Extras: Pink heart charm on silver chain, glowstick in mouth
Expression: Smiling / dorky /nerdy
Likes: Fruit, fizzy soda, sleeping, stormy days, windy days, sunflowers
Dislikes: Cats, Dogs, being handled, general annoyances
Where are they found most commonly?: Fruit bowls or in Jacks hands.
Notes: She is not a raver NOT A RAVER NOT A RAVER. Also if drawn in Jacks hands, you'll need to find out about that from my girlfriend.
References: http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p200/ScientistObscura/Gazbat.jpg

Contact Info: [email protected], Gaz on furc, Gaz on FAZ, Gaz on FAM
What is your artist alias?: Gaz, Gazbat, Gazalina... Shazbot
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located?:
Old gallery: http://www.ixi-phantom.deviantart.com
New gallery: http://www.SoNotASpy.deviantart.com

Markings: Pawpads
Trousers: Insides of wings
♦ Green Goblin ▼ Thanos ▼ Hobgoblin ▼ Osborn ▼ Electro ▼ Mysterio ♦
If you can't contact me, please leave an offline whisper.

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«Reply #16: November 02, 2008, 07:53:10 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Markie
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t:%'<%#((&;#'#
Gender: Female, super feminine, but not girly.
Age: 22-ish, but young looking
Species: Five-toed Jerboa
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: Shortish, not extremely skinny, but not chubby? Um, long hair and bangs swept to her left. :B
Markings: Facial stripe, tip of tail, ears
Clothing: She doesn't wear the same clothes every day.  She likes running around in her undies.  So maybe a matching set of underwear? Or like, a wifebeater and undies idfk.
Extras: Uh, no piercings anymore. I changed my mind lulz.
Expression: Doesn't matter, as long as it matches her personality
Likes: Zebra print, tastefully colorful stuff, bows, floral prints, sleeping, cuddles, pocky, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. :B
Dislikes: Frogs and dead stuff.
Where are they found most commonly?  Snoozing.
Notes: You can have fun with this character.  I don't care about the pose or anything.  Just do what gets your creative juices flowin'.
References: http://www.furcartzone.com/gallery/8/1486_20_10_08_7_45_20.bmp
more coming soon.
Contact Info: [email protected]
What is your artist alias? Burb on FAZ.  Markie anywhere else.
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;su=user;u=1486

Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Fur
Markings: Facial stripe, ears, tip of tail

Any other colors: your choice. :B

Nose & inside of her ears: brownish pink
Between Markings and Fur col on tail: whitteeeee
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«Reply #17: November 02, 2008, 08:33:48 PM»
ooh, what a great idea! <33

Furcadia Character Name: Beep
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap please But if you can’t do remap, I don’t care!
Color String: t8%?=?;2;(&$%#
Gender: Female.
Age: unknown, but she looks 18
Species: White tiger / Pixie
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: She’s easily seduced, and loves food.
Markings: Stripes, best to see references for details. (Only 2 stripes on her face!)
Clothing: small loose black top, matching black panties. Barefoot!
Extras: 3 studs in each ear, and pixie wings. Her tail is a bright fluffy tail C:
Expression: Smiling or something goofy! <3
Likes: Male video game characters (master chief, pyramid head, frank west, etc) and desserts.
Dislikes: cheese, the dark, math.
Where are they found most commonly? Usually on a bed or something comfortable.
Notes: She does NOT have some skinny stick figure body. Beep is very.. womanly #ST
http://fc91.deviantart.com/fs30/f/2008/066/2/b/Reference_for_Mo_by_Rebelcake.jpg <-- remapping info!
Contact Info: [email protected] or Beep or Fivel on furcadia
What is your artist alias? Lisa!
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located?  http://rebelcake.deviantart.com/

Eyes: eyes
Hair: hair
Fur: fur
Markings: markings
Vest: shirt
Cape: panties
Trousers: tail
Bracers: wings
Boots: studs in ears
Badge: none (can be for 2nd shade in eyes if you like to do that :P)

Offline La-la

«Reply #18: November 02, 2008, 09:00:09 PM»
ok, seriously, it will be easier for people if you link to your refs

Offline Aries

«Reply #19: November 02, 2008, 09:09:00 PM»
La-La, I've just added that to please link as it cuts down on picture spam.

Everyone that has done this thusfar, please modify your entries to be links rather than pictures.
While its' great to look at, it can also be annoying to scroll through a bunch of space that could be conserved by a few urls rather than pictures.

Thank you.
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

Offline Spicer

«Reply #20: November 02, 2008, 09:29:04 PM»
spicer, can't you just link to your refs like everyone else??

sure-- done
Vacation: what if you woke up
Vacation: and you were in falls body
Vacation: LOL
Aussie: i would
Aussie: touch myself
Aussie: ?

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«Reply #21: November 02, 2008, 09:33:15 PM»
Furcadia Character Name:  Remus
Remap or Non-Remap?: Can be either!
Color String: t%%K&77:=:5$&#
Gender: Male.
Age: Late 20's/early 30's.
Species: Canine - wolf.
Anthro or Ferian?:Anthropomorphic, but he does have a ferian wolf form as well.
Traits: His right ear is notched.
Markings: As specified in this reference photo. I prefer if the markings do not remap.
- A doublet/jerkin appropriate to Furcadia's time period - medieval/renaissance type, with a traveling cloak and trousers.
Extras: Pale silver chain around his neck with a feather attached and tucked under his doublet (if visible at all, only the chain would be faintly visible); Feathery wings (Classic/Prime winged style).
Expression: Calm, kind, reserved.
Likes: Wonderous forces of Nature.
Dislikes: Fire, destruction of woodland.
Where are they found most commonly?  Forest, woodland.

Notes: Refer to his Furocity for complete background and history.
For portraits, I prefer a more "feral" appearance to anthro ports, as opposed to the humanoid ports (i.e. , a wolf should look like a wolf, rather than with humanoid features. Paws instead of anthropomorphized hands, etc.)

Wolf reference.
Neko Mizuno's image of Remus. (His markings should be more on the silvery side, as opposed to white, and the black muzzle stripe should be wider.)
Kata's image of Remus.

Site: http://remus.furocity.com

Contact Info:

In-Game: Remus
Email: [email protected]
AIM: MatthiNY
What is your artist alias? Remus? o_o;
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? http://engelkatze.deviantart.com


If you are choosing non-remap:

Eyes: Amber.
Hair: N/A.
Fur: Black.
Markings: Silver.
Vest/Doublet: Dark reddish/scarlet, or navy. Artist's choice.
Cape: Gray or dust colored.

If remap:

Fur  remaps to Fur
Doublet remaps to Vest.
Cape remaps to Cape.
Shirt is non-remap, white.
Markings do not remap, and should be a silvery-gray.
Wings remap to Fur.
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Offline Tycho

«Reply #22: November 02, 2008, 10:48:01 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Noah
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: Colors=t0,.([email protected]:<;5%%#
Gender: Male, but not burlesque or overly muscular. Somewhat feminine, but not wrist-flippingly so
Age: 20's, 22 - 23
Species: Human
Traits: Tri-shaded wings on his back
Markings: Tattoo on his hip, explained in ref pics
Clothing: Shown in refs
Extras: shown in reffffffffffffs
Expression: Curious, or adjusting glasses, or something medic-like
Likes: Helping people, his job, leftover Chinese food, storms
Dislikes: Being unable to help someone, when his illness gets the better of him, being tired all the time, blood
Where are they found most commonly?: The hospital he works at
References: Any and all refs are on his website, and a remap ref can be found here.
Site: here
Contact Info: [email protected]
What is your artist alias? ......noah..... or tycho
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? here in my faz gallery

ty ty <3

Offline Tat

«Reply #23: November 02, 2008, 10:49:57 PM»
Furcadia Character Name: Kristian
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remap
Color String: t0'[email protected]?1)<;;$)#
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Squirrel
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro
Traits: Novelist
Markings: Top of his tail, fingertips, and feet on up to his hips end in a sort of splatter effect. 'Dipped in paint' so to speak.
Clothing: Crisp button down with sleeve rolled up, slacks, belt, dress shoes
Extras: Wears square rimmed glasses
Expression: Smirking, haughty
Likes:Boys, Food, Books, money
Dislikes:Most people, mushrooms, beer
Where are they found most commonly?: Bar, Library, Park
Notes: His hair is shaggy/spiked and left short. Very helter-skelter
References: http://x-mod-x.deviantart.com/art/Kristian-Furcadia-Port-99122356
Site: N/A
Contact Info:[email protected], Mod on Furcadia, www.doctorpixel.devianta rt.com (Note)
What is your artist alias? Doctor Pixel (Formerly Atreau and Mod)
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located?: www.doctorpixel.devianta rt.com

Markings:Markings (Legs, tail, fingertips)
Cape:Can be used for other objects in the port, if any.
Bracers: Can be used for other objects in the port, if any.
Badge: Any

Offline Raver

«Reply #24: November 02, 2008, 11:14:23 PM»
This sounds amazingly fun <3

Furcadia Character Name: Nitemare
Remap or Non-Remap?: Remappable
Color String: t-/K&9;;&=;$&#
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Feline.
Anthro or Ferian?: Anthro.
Traits: Has a habit of pulling on his collar when he's bored.
Markings: None.
Clothing: Modified Asylumnia uniform.
Extras: Bat wing earring on left ear. Same wing design on tail accessory.
Expression: Sadistic smile or cold, distant stare. Anything mean, basically. xD
Likes: Being alone, books, crumbling buildings, high places.
Dislikes: Children, other people, and noise.
Where are they found most commonly? LIBRARIES, dark places, surrounded by candles, or anywhere quiet.
Notes: He hates everything. Pretty much sums it up.
[ x ] Compilation of all his refs except the remap one.
[ x ] Sloppy remap ref. Dx
Site: None for now. #SL
Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected]/ Note: [email protected]
What is your artist alias? Rikarai/doorstopdamage. ;]
If you have a personal gallery, where is it located? doorstopdamage.deviantart.com


Eyes: Black scleras with golden irises.
Hair: Black.
Fur: Tan.
Markings: None.
Vest: Black
Cape: Orange
Trousers: Black
Bracers: Silver
Boots: Mule Grey
Badge: Sky Blue

(Too much black on this character, I apologize for this.)
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