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Author Topic: Christmas Character Art Exchange - PLEASE READ  (Read 14034 times)

Offline Adielle

Christmas Character Art Exchange - PLEASE READ
«: November 03, 2008, 11:06:50 PM»
Secret Santa – Character Art Exchange

Update: You officially have FOUR days to let me know your work is done!  I don't need to see the artwork, I just need confirmation that you finished.  I don't want anyone left out.

The following people still need to let me know if they've finished:


A little less then half have let me know they are finished.  If you are on this list and you are finished or at least started, please let me know so I can mark you off.  Please make sure you finish your art so that no one goes without art.  There is no reason you should be recieving art if your not also giving, this is an exchange afterall.

Not to be confused with Alabaster Sea’s wonderfully run portrait Secret Santa. I created this because while portraits are nice, there are also many people out there that either don’t make portraits, don’t have the time to work on portraits, or simply just don’t like making them and would prefer to give the gift of character art. Please visit Alabaster Sea’s Portrait Secret Santa if you’d like to join up for a portrait exchange as well!

Just like any other Secret Santa project, after our joining deadline, your names will be shuffled and picked randomly to be given to another artist.  Everyone will have someone to draw and someone will be drawing for them.

I'd love to be involved and all, my husband will be the one picking names for people and matching artists up. Please let me know if your interested!

Also, don't be shy, you don't have to be the best artist out there to join, anyone is welcome as long as you draw more then a stick figure. Just make sure to put effort into your work, that’s all I ask.

Rules & Sign-up Information

So you’d like to sign up?  Here are the general rules and sign-up information as well as deadlines.

1.   Any artist may apply, this is not for seasoned artists only, it’s a way to get the Furcadian community together for Christmas and hopefully bring a smile to another person’s face.
2.   Any art created for this exchange must at least show effort and be more than a stick person.  Everyone is putting effort into this, so you should as well.  If you sign-up, please don’t slack on your end, this is for fun after all.
3.   Only sign-up if you are serious about this.  I don’t want to have names picked and then a few people left without anything.  If you know you won’t have the time, please don’t sign-up.  If your one of those types that procrastinates please start early so you don’t hit December 25th with nothing to give.
4.   Be respectful to everyone else involved.

You are aloud to sign-up with more then one original character, but only make one application.  Each artist is only required to draw one picture for whomever’s name they get, putting more then one character simply gives them a choice.  This way they can draw the character that inspires them.  You don’t have to put more then one, but its encouraged.

Name –
Your art strengths and weakness (what are you good at/bad at; this will help in some cases where there may be a feral character, it would be best to match the person with an artist who’s comfortable with feral, and so on.  I won’t be doing any matching unless there are people uncomfortable with drawing anything specific, if your comfortable with anything, please let me know) -
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) –
Character’s name -
Character’s personality –
Character’s appearance –
Any references you might have –
If you don’t have references, please explain your character’s general colour scheme –

Want to add a second character?  Please copy and past the next part to your application.

Character two’s name -

Character two’s personality –
Character two’s appearance –
Any references you might have –
If you don’t have references, please explain your character’s general colour scheme –


Sign-up ends – November 15th
Names will be drawn – November 18th (I will try to send all the information out shortly after this)
Work on artwork - November 19th-December 23rd (I wanted this started earlier then some for anyone with a bit tighter schedule, this gives you more time to draw)
Verify if you are done - December 23rd (I don’t want anyone left out, so please, when you are finished with your artwork, just tell me via DA, email or FAZ that you have finished so I don’t have to worry about anyone being left without a gift.)
Post and send your person’s art/list up of who drew who - December 24-25 (Some of us are not in the US, so your free to post on either of these days.  <3)

Questions and concers

Think I missed something?  Need some help?  Please contact me via DA, PM or my email, [email protected]  Thank you!

Who’s signed up?
Ferabird (via DA)
Aile Aqiuan
Alabaster Sea
August (Via DA)
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Offline Minders

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #1: November 03, 2008, 11:21:25 PM»
Name: Aeva
Your art strengths and weaknesses: No ferals, please. Humans and anthros of any sort are a go.
Contact Information: Aeva on FAZ, email/MSN at [email protected], http://a-e-v-a.deviantart.com
Character’s name: Aeva
Character’s personality: Outgoing, blunt, an occasional smartass. She generally gets along with everybody, though she does like to tease.
Character’s appearance: Fluffy; she's a Maine Coon. Not gonna waste much time describing clothes and such, she has a lot of info that can be viewed on the website. I will link to her new ref sheet once I get that done~
Any references you might have: All you need to know is on the website - http://www.whiskey-kitty.com (lots of outfits to choose from, too!)
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Offline Zim

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #2: November 03, 2008, 11:48:19 PM»
Your art strengths and weakness - Really prefer no ferals, if possible. I can do them if need-be... I just don't particularly like to.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) –
dA - karma-chameleon
FAZ - Zim
Email - zim[at]altmarket[dot]net
Furcadia - Zim, Link, Amadeus
Character’s name - Mothman
Character’s personality – curious, bad-tempered, resentful. Really not a very nice person.
Character’s appearance – see ref; he's what his name says, a moth-man. His face can either be slightly muzzled or humanlike, and he's covered in a very fine grey pelt. Clothing varies, but odd outfits made from scraps suit him fine.
Any references you might have – http://karma-chameleon.deviantart.com/art/Cryptid-79139866

Offline Desade

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #3: November 03, 2008, 11:48:37 PM»
Your art strengths and weakness - Decent at anthros/humans, better at ferals. I'll do either nonetheless.
Contact Information – Email - [email protected] Whisper - Thallis Desade
Character’s name - Thallis Desade.
Character’s personality – Goofy, laid back, and sometimes protective/snarly if the occasion calls for it.
Character’s appearance – She's a wolf. x3 She's all black, with grey markings around her eyes, underbelly, and from the top of her head to her tail. She also has a white back lower left leg and beads and things in her mane and tail.
Any references you might have – http://i34.tinypic.com/9i4jt4.png // http://i37.tinypic.com/33ud5d4.jpg // http://i33.tinypic.com/vdhjm0.jpgIf

Offline Adielle

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #4: November 03, 2008, 11:49:14 PM»
Going to add mine here too so I don't forget.  :p

Name – Adielle
Your art strengths and weakness - Pretty much anything, though humans and anthros preferable.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – Adielle on FAZ, Adielle on DA or via [email protected]
Character’s name - Caelestis Vorago Macero
Character’s personality – Website explains everything
Character’s appearance – Website explains everything
Any references you might have – http://www.freewebs.com/lokiprincess and this picture is not on the website yet: http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg236/emerald-fae/Caelestis_and_Crii_Orion_by_ESG.jpg and http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg236/emerald-fae/caelestis_by_Sesruc.png and http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg236/emerald-fae/caelandcrii2.png

Character two’s name - Syn Skky
Character two’s personality – Brash, hardworking, very much a tomboy
Character two’s appearance – For the most part the references show everything you need to see, thats her typical attire.  The second picture is Syn without her jacket.  She can have either straight red hair or dreaded red hair, always down to her lower back and usually held up in a very mess bun/ponytail and almost always held back from her forehead with a large bandana or wool.  Feel free to draw her without the bandana if you'd like.  :p
Any references you might have – http://adielle.deviantart.com/art/Syn-Character-Sheet-100506661 and http://adielle.deviantart.com/art/Syn-Colored-98660861
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Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #5: November 03, 2008, 11:57:19 PM»
nomnomnom.  I totally forgot about doing a non-port art side 'secret santa' <3
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

Offline Adielle

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #6: November 04, 2008, 12:10:14 AM»
nomnomnom.  I totally forgot about doing a non-port art side 'secret santa' <3

Haha. its alright, darlin'.  We can still fill both holes.  <3  Your portrait one looks to be doing very good, by the way.
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Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #7: November 04, 2008, 12:18:24 AM»
both holes? DIRTY!  ;)    I hope everyone has time to do both!

back on topic now!
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

Offline Adielle

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #8: November 04, 2008, 12:35:53 AM»
I figured, since we both started early enough, it should probably be pretty easy to have plenty of people that have time for both.  I'd join your's, but portraits drag me down too much.  XD  They don't turn out awful, they just take me far too long and usually kick me into art block again.
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Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #9: November 04, 2008, 12:42:20 AM»
y not

Your art strengths and weakness - anything but ferals unless they're gryffons ;);) LOL mostly furries
Character’s name - worm
Character’s personality – apathetic, nihilistic, bored
Character’s appearance – it'll be on the ref link lol
Any references you might have – http://amputate.co.nr/

Character two’s name - taylor
Character two’s personality – asshole I GUESS
Character two’s appearance – i'm bad at describing things (i'm going to prefer the plaid shirt clothing one.. the first one okay)
Any references you might have – http://sic-.webs.com/

Contact Information –
aim: john dorian (private) and joe kerr (on it rarely)
msn: [email protected]
da: http://amputate.storm-artists.net/
furc: worm
and here i guess i'm banned from fam so lol
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Offline Tony

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #10: November 04, 2008, 01:29:31 AM»

Your art strengths and weakness - i dont do ferals...
Character’s name - tony
Character’s personality – quiet, clumsy, shy, sometimes hyper.
Character’s appearance – check out dem ref's. ps: tony's like 6. amount of dreads doesn't really matter, just as long as they're all different colors of the rainbow except for the one on the viewer's right in the front, that has all the colors, as you can tell by the refs.
Any references you might have –


Contact Information –
aim: raptorpose
msn: [email protected]
furc: tony
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Offline Surplus

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #11: November 04, 2008, 01:37:32 AM»
Name – Storez/ Gorgoroth
Your art strengths and weakness  - anything but anthro cats
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) –
furc: Gorgoroth/ Clap
aim: struckwithpanic
Character’s name - Surplus
Character’s personality – alone, scared, angry
Character’s appearance – white wolf with peppermint striped dreadlocks and a ear flap hat
Any references you might have –
Character two's name - Gorgoroth
Character’s personality – serious, intimidatating
Character’s appearance – long wavy hair, corpse paint...you know. metal.
Any references you might have –

Offline Lovedoll

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #12: November 04, 2008, 07:30:45 AM»
Now I have to join cause Aeva signed up. <3

Name – Starri
Your art strengths and weakness - I'm strong with anthros and humans. Ferals, absolute NO.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – http://lovecube.deviantart.com , or PM on FAZ - Starri
Character’s name - Jhak
Character’s personality – Quiet and reserved, he's a book worm and often feels awkward about his size. He can be clumsy and shy, but when the situation calls for it he stands his ground.
Character’s appearance – He's tall at 7'0" (he has trouble walking through doors and needs to be careful not to bump into people etc). Anthro feline with demonic traits. He has soft grey fur with slight scales on his throat and on his arms. Teal colored hair, bright blue eyes and a pair of small round glasses. Two small horns jut up from beside his ears. His wings are small and leathery (small as in useless to fly with, but slightly longer than his arms when stretched out) His tail is long and about 1/3rd down, his tail has a transition from fur to scales. The tip is spaded. For clothes references etc. just look at the reference drawing. It's 100% accurate.
Any references you might have – http://esg.deviantart.com/art/Jhak-102528093
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Offline lolo

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #13: November 04, 2008, 10:17:49 AM»
Name – lolo
Your art strengths and weakness- everythingg, i'm even willing to do ferals (not particularly fond tho)
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?)–
email= [email protected]


Character’s name - miller
Character’s personality – snarky n cute
Character’s appearance – beagle puppy girl
Any references you might have – http://www.freewebs.com/manoemano/miller.html
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Everyone had got something in hand cept natty dread

Offline La-la

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #14: November 04, 2008, 10:19:11 AM»
Your art strengths and weakness: no feral cats or anthro/human males.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – noraneko.deviantart.com
Character’s name - goldfish
Character’s personality – grumpy, sarcastic.
Character’s appearance – see below.
Any references you might have – http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p313/fluffy_love/goldfish/1zbbambjo8.png

Offline Sync

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #15: November 04, 2008, 01:50:13 PM»
Your art strengths and weakness - uh, i just don't want to draw muscular guys. anything else is fine.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – [email protected], i'm fang at deviantart, main characters on furc: Sync, Sylph, Loveless, Seiri
Character’s name - Absolute.
Character’s personality – spiteful, gets angry easily but generally doesn't show it.
Character’s appearance – dark gray wolf with turquoise flamehair running from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. same kind of hair on the front paws.
whites of the eyes are black on this character, eyes are light blue, the right eye slightly glows and it pupilless.
nose is light blue.
Any references you might have –

i have a lottt more if needed.

Offline Hermes

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #16: November 04, 2008, 02:34:34 PM»
I'm going to join. ^^

Name – Fawkes
Your art strengths and weakness - I'm mostly comfortable with humans/ humanoids, anthros I'm alright on but ferals are a definate weakness...
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – FAZ = Fawkes
Character’s name - Fawkes
Character’s personality – Awkward, serious, pretty much a gentleman who has old-fashioned mannerisms, e.g. he would bow to people as a greeting, shy of his own feelings, sometimes a bit of a psycho...
Character’s appearance – See below please. ^^
Any references you might have – By Me and By Other Artists ^^

P.S. I'll probably have a webby up soon so... I might add that here too. xD

Art © Sushi on dA - Species © Theme on FA


Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #17: November 04, 2008, 07:01:53 PM»
Your art strengths and weakness - Not very good with feral anatomy.
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?)DA
Character’s name - Pez
Character’s personality – Spastic, loud, energetic.
Character’s appearance – Very small. Just over five feet in height, very feminine and skinny. (but he's very much a boy)
Any references you might havedoot derp dahr
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Offline Mala

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #18: November 04, 2008, 07:09:08 PM»
Your art strengths and weakness - men (girly men are ok), equines.
Contact Information - PM here on FAZ
Character’s name - Mina
Character’s personality – Lazy
Character’s appearance – see refs. (you can do both anthro or feral, whatever you like better)
Any references you might have – tons of refs here.

Character two’s name - Dei
Character two’s personality – Generally rude, sarcastic, screws with other people.
Character two’s appearance – ref!
Any references you might have – here!
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Offline Jenni

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #19: November 04, 2008, 07:10:38 PM»
Name – jenni
Your art strengths and weakness - TIGER CHILDREN.. ferals.. males. those are weaknesses. strengths are anything else.
Contact Information – jenni (furc), coffin (dA), yaytrent (aim)
Character’s name - jenni
Character’s personality – silly, stupid..
Character’s appearanceobv the pink and black version
Any references you might haveone two three four

Character two’s name
- marilyn
Character two’s personality – sweet, sultry, coquettish, MURDEROUS..
Character two’s appearanceone
Any references you might have one two


Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #20: November 04, 2008, 07:41:55 PM»
Name – Sesruc (Linda)
Your art strengths and weakness - strength: all females. includes anthro, humans, etc. weakness: masculine males. ferals.
Contact Informationhttp://sesruc.deviantart.com, Sesruc on FAZ, [email protected]mail.com, lindafda on AIM, [email protected] on MSN
Character’s name - Mystica
Character’s personality – bashful, playful, shy, whimsical, cute
Character’s appearance – she's a red panda.. which means red panda markings! please do her anthro form. http://photobucket.com/mystica
Any references you might havehttp://photobucket.com/mystica

Offline Adielle

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #21: November 04, 2008, 08:13:25 PM»
Just updated the first post with all the new entrants.  Looks like we are doing pretty good on people after all and with a few more days left to sign up, I'm sure we'll get more.  :)
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Offline Pigeon

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #22: November 04, 2008, 10:42:00 PM»
Name – Hollie
Your art strengths and weakness – My strengths are humanoids, canines, felines (anthro and feral), and to an extent, dragons. I’m willing to give anything else a shot, but may not be as good at them!
Contact Information (DA, FAZ, email?) – [email protected] (E-Mail), http://portraitart.deviantart.com (Note me), http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=profile;u=1049 (PM me), Hollie (Furcadia main – whisper), Bowmann (another Furcadia main)
Character’s name - Bowmann
Character’s personality – Bowmann isn't particularly used to being around large mobs of people, due to the fact he grew up in the wilderness. As such, he may appear somewhat shy, quiet, stand offish, or unsure about surroundings. Once warmed up to a situation or individual, however, he's known to become much more curious, voices himself more, and perhaps a bit more outgoing. (He's a rather reserved type.) He's naturally quiet, laid back, not easily affected by words, and kind to those around him. Due to not being used to what is simply known as civilization, he can occasionally hold a small, feral like attitude. That doesn't mean in any way that he is a hostile individual, however; he is anything but! He's quite easy to get along with, and stays out of fights as much as possible. He never starts them, and rarely ends them. Still, he has a hard head, and strong will, and won't easily go down without a fight. He's proud of his simple beauty, and finds it a shame whenever he gets bruises or scars.
Character’s appearance – Wings, unlike most, are physically attached to arms. Pointed ears with feathers on the tips. Fuzzy, snow owl type feet. Snow owl like tail feathers. Tall, body is moderately masculine, and sharp features. Eyes are dark all the way around, almost as if appearing to have eyeliner. (Those are just some of his traits. :D Check out the references below to get better feel!)
Any references you might have –

Character two’s name – Feng (Fenghuang)
Character two’s personality – Despite being the firey Chinese Phoenix he is, it comes as a surprise as to how cool and reserved he really is. Feng is highly pacifistic, and doesn't at all resort to violence or anger. Words, and even actions, usually roll off him like water on a duck, and he doesn't mind. True to Fenghuang nature, Feng is very good at soothing others, and is very much the comforting type, happy to hold people in his arms and whisper encouraging words to them. He tends not to outwardly express his emotions much, though always has a placid smile on his face, only frowning when he sees others he cares about hurt. Overall, he is the perfect example of the benevolent Chinese Phoenix.
Character two’s appearance – Somewhat short, slender. Wears Chinese hanfu in rather untraditional styles, and likes the colors red, black, and gold! Check out the reference below for better description. :D (it may also be helpful to visit his website: http://www.freewebs.com/fenghuang/ )
Any references you might have – http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/4760/fenghuangcopydp2.jpg

Offline Dask

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #23: November 07, 2008, 02:22:12 PM»
Name – my internet name is Dask. I do not wish to be called my my real one on here
Your art strengths and weakness - Cannot do humans. Cannot do anything feline. Best at doing dragons(anthro and feral). Okay at wolves. Still working on my anthros-- they're not bad. Able to color.
Contact Information – here, and [email protected]
Character’s name - Dask
Character’s personality – protective of friends. A bit of a gaurdian, so to speak. All else is unkown, as he can be quite the mystery.
Character’s appearance – Black zebra-like stripes all over, starting small from the top of his snout to the middle of his tail. His ears are tipped black as well. His inner ears are a light tan, or peah. On his face, a thick stripe falls from each eye to his jawline, where the same color extends to the lower abdomen. The belly appears to be plated with stiff scales, like armour itself. It is the same color. From the tip of his jaw sprouts a short beard, fine-haired and fluff, it's color matching that of his moehawk. His moehawk stands straight up, and is a yellow-ish tone, close to that of gold. The very top of the moehawk is dyed black.
The whiskers on his face are usually not seen- they are extendable, to feel aura around him. They can extend to a max of 2 feet, if nessessary however it is rare.
His horns stick straight out, and are an ivory color.
accessories: One golden loop earring on his left ear. Golden Hoop hanging on his tail. His katana colors are here.
Around Dask's arms are some long red ribbons, with silver hoops. These are wrapped around up to his arms, and most of his hands. Two straps hang down on his right arm, and one on his left.
  Also it's important that that thing on his chest is well, a chestplate not a shirt or something. This armour stops where his ribs stop. In the back, two ribbons cross like an X to keep it together, so that it can be loosened for Dask to take off like most armour is made. between the ribbons in the x is where Dask's wings sprout. Like most armour, it's gray.
  On each side of his chestplate lies shoulderpads that hook up to the ribbons crossing the front of the armour. The left shoulderpad has 3 blades sticking out of it.
  Around Dask's hips is a brown bearskin loincloth, partially ripped and tattered. Above that sits a black belt with two straps. One straps has a loop that holds Dask's black sheath where Dask put his katana.
wings: Medium-size dragon wings. They are smaller and more dynamic than most dragons'. He usually just uses them to glide down from high places, and not particularly for flying. The back of his wings are striped, like the rest of him.
other: underneath this armour, pads, and ribbons, he really isn't that buff.  However, he is flexable; a samauri appearance.

Any references you might havepencil-colored ref sketch correct colors, unfinished port I made. clothes weren't included
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Dask   |  Air   |  Jizo   |  Nadir

alts forsale

Offline Linne

Re: Christmas Character Art Exchange
«Reply #24: November 11, 2008, 02:31:43 AM»
Name – Alexandra
Your art strengths and weakness - Humans, anthros, but not good at anything with a long snout, for example, canines.
Contact Information [email protected], MSN is [email protected], AIM is sprxathon, DeviantArt is KyManaphy.

Character’s name - Linne
Character’s personality – An asshole.  Dark personality.  Likes to laugh at people.  To put it shortly.  Enjoys fighting.  A bit of a snake, in personality terms.
Character’s appearance – Blonde swoopy hair, black eyes with red discs that serve as the pupils, human.  Wears mostly black, with red hems.
Any references you might have 1. http://fc12.deviantart.com/fs37/f/2008/270/d/b/Linne_with_a_Knife_by_KyManaphy.jpg
2. http://fc18.deviantart.com/fs33/f/2008/239/c/2/He_Probably_Hates_You_by_KyManaphy.jpg

Character two’s name - Dimenta
Character two’s personality – Trickster, happy.  Hardly anything can make her angry.  But she's one tough cookie.
Character two’s appearance – Her furry form is covered in black, only her face seems to have markings on it, splitting her face in half- white and black.  Her eyes, oddly tilted, as if she were perpetually laughing, were yellow, which mirrored the colour of her hair, brushed and haphazardly thrown into a topknot, which revealed itself between the green and purple of a jester hat, complete with jangly bells.  Clothes were rather garish, purple and green with gold mostly on the hems.  An overly elaborate throw, striped from the collar of, yes, green and purple.  Then, black baggy pants, shoved into pointy shoes topped off with gold bells.  She's short, like an imp.  Maybe three feet tall.
General colour scheme – Blonde hair, black fur, with her face split in half, black and white.  Clothes, mardi gras colours, green, purple, and yellow.  Just imagine a jester's outfit.